Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello World!

So, casey and i finally got internet in our house so i can keep up on the blogging! YAY!!!

Not too much is changed though, so i have very little to report.

I'm still working at Sunshine and Della Stella. I love both jobs but im always busy. I especially love sunshine because i get to plan and decorate for each month. This month my theme is Jungle and i got to turn my classroom into a jungle and think of fun themed activities. I love it! it's been really handy having Casey's mom as an example. She is so creative and great with advice.

My Cat lucy has moved in with Casey and me. She's still a pain in the neck, but i missed her a ton.

I got some more wedding pictures off my mom's computer on Mother's Day.

I think thats all i have to report.

That and i think its weird how i'm turning Twenty... this time last year i was working at Space Vector and very much in love with my boyfriend. Since then, i was unemployed, my dad moved to san fran, moved in with my mom, worked at buckle, got engaged, got a job at Della Stella, Got a Job at Sunshine, Got married, moved out of my moms house, Quit Buckle and got my cat back. So much change in one year.. but this has been the best year of my life. I love my life, jobs, cat and husband.

Now for the good stuff:
(these arent the professional ones, those are coming soon...)

Enowment Day:

The Wedding Day:

~Mrs. Kendell Wrae Evans
[i love being able to say that]