Friday, February 13, 2015

And We're Pregnant (Oct 2013 - June 2014)

So Casey got the best birthday present in 2013. We flew home from Utah with our lives changed and we knew the next fun step was telling our family. I called my dad from Utah knowing it would be a while until I could tell him in person. I then quickly planned how I would tell my mom.

My first day back at work, I made sure to stop by at my mom's house for lunch. I brought a handy P-Test with me hidden in my purse along with a box and a bow and told her we got her a little something from our trip to Utah. While she heated my soup (I was already feeling pretty sick) I did the test and wrapped it up for her. I then told her to open the gift.
I got a video as well as this picture of her reaction but I promised to never show it publicly. Her reaction was PERFECT! 

When I went back to work I started planning how to tell the Evans Crew and also quickly realized i needed to tell my co-workers as I was having a hard time hiding how sick I was feeling. I am so lucky to have had such amazing co-workers in accounting that I was not the least bit worried about telling them and they were overjoyed to say the least. Their support was unbelievable and unwavering! 

Luckily, we had not yet done Casey's birthday dinner with his family so I was able to use that as our time to announce to his family. 

(Video Goes Here...Once I can figure out how to put it here)

I wish I took a picture of the packages I sent Whitney and Madison but they each got a cute pumpkin themed package with a picture of our little sea monkey. We were given a due date of June 7, 2014 and began our preparations. 

On Christmas Eve we went to the doctor for our gender appointment and had him secretly write down what it was and wrap up either a blue Santa hat or pink one. Casey and I decided to open it privately on Christmas morning. 

We then decided to announce it at midnight on New Years via Facebook and Instagram. We went to the desert with his family for New Years and were so anxious to let the news out. We absolutely could not contain our excitement!

We entered 2014 ready to meet our daughter! The excitement made the constant nausea and vomiting a lot more worth it. The second trimester did not bring any relief to my sickness. I started missing quite a bit of work and in Feb. was hospitalized due to an infection along with severe dehydration due to my unwavering "morning" sickness. I was released in time to help host my best friend's wedding shower. I was so excited to be her pregnant bridesmaid! 
Della Stella Girls
Her Bridesmaids! (minus one)

Shortly after the wedding shower, baby bump and I were off to Vegas for Ashley's bachelorette weekend. (Feb. 28-Mar. 2) Such a fun weekend! I had no idea being pregnant in Vegas could be so fun! 

Once I got home, Casey and I had to get in high gear and get our registries done. It took 5 hours or so at Buy Buy Baby and then countless hours online with Target and Babies R Us to get it done but it was really fun thinking of all the things we could spoil our little princess with. We also took a quick break to get a sneak peak at our little girl! 


Before Ashley and Chris' wedding, Casey and I took a quick break to celebrate our 5th Wedding anniversary and decided there was no better place for us to go than Vegas. At this point I was 29 weeks pregnant and feeling very large. Not going to lie, I got some funny looks walking through the casinos. We had a very low key trip. We ate at our favorite restaurant (Bartolotta in the Wynn) and the Bellagio Buffet. We made sure to watch the fountain show after walking through the Bellagio Garden and also spent a day driving around to all of our favorite reality show spots. (Pawn Stars, Counts Kustoms and Flipping Vegas) 

The "Flipping Vegas" Office
Bellagio Garden
When I got home from Vegas (again) The wedding was only like two weeks away, I was still working and we were in the process of trying to purchase the house we had been renting for over a year. We wanted to make sure the house closed before the baby came so we were working really hard to get everything together in time.

Finally it was April and Ashley's Wedding weekend! I was 31 weeks pregnant and ready to pop, but it was the most stunning wedding! I am so happy I could be apart of it. (4.5.14)

After Ashley's Wedding, the next things on my list were my baby showers, buy the house and get ready to hand my work over to my temp. 

It was good I was so busy because it kept me distracted from being so sick. I was on anti-nausea medication to help me keep food down and gain weight but even though my weight gain was low, baby girl was growing really well. 

My co-workers at Semco threw me my first baby shower over lunch one day at work. Their support meant the world to me. It was a beautiful lunch! 


Once all this baby stuff started filling up the house, things started to feel really real! The room was painted, changing table and crib assembled and now the closet was starting to fill up. To top it off my belly was moving like something on the SyFy network. There was a human in there and she was getting ready for her big debut. There was still lots to do so she would have to hold tight.

The "Valencia" baby shower was next hosted by the new Mrs. Ashley London. She squeezed in a beautiful shower for me between her wedding and honeymoon... serious! Pictures don't do it justice!

That weekend we also got to celebrate my sister in law, Julie and her second pregnancy with a gender reveal party.

IT'S A GIRL! Greadon is getting a baby sister! 

We entered May and prepped for my third and final baby shower thrown by my sister in laws and mother in law. I felt so spoiled and so blessed! Thank you to everyone for making me feel so loved during my pregnancy! 

It was May and time for Mother's Day. I was so emotional and excited at the idea of Mother's Day, even though I didn't have a baby to hold in my arms (though my belly was sure big enough) I had my daughter in my belly constantly kicking and spinning reminding me that motherhood was right around the corner! I had only a month left! 
In excited preparation for the end of my pregnancy, I was lucky to have a beautiful Maternity Photoshoot done by the talented Nikki Pollard. 

My Birthday was approaching and I kept that as my goal for closing on our home and my last day of work. And let me tell you, I barely made it! We closed escrow on May 22nd and on May 27th I turned 25! After my birthday, it was time for another birthday... 

June 7th came and went. I went to the hospital that day for a fetal stress test and everything looked calm and normal much to my dismay. I was beyond ready. Time for a BIRTHSTORY!