Saturday, April 25, 2009

its been a while....

Hello world!

I havnt had much of a chance to update mt blog. My life has been nuts! As u all know, casey and I got married on march 21st and then went to big bear for about a week.the wedding was amazing... It was more than I could have hoped for. The temple was amazing and the reception was beautiful. And I had so much fun in the snow at big bear. I hurt my arm a bit on the slopes but it was still tons of fun. I got to break in the snowboard my big brother got me and my sister for christmas.

Right when we got back I started work at sunshine as bambi. I absolutely love it there. But my schedule is crazy. Monday through friday I work 6:30 to 8:30 at sunshine and then 2:30 to 6:30. Two days a week I work at the salon between shifts at sunshine. Its fun and keeps me busy.

Between starting my new job and settling into our new house, we had our first holiday as a married couple which was great.we spent time with both families and had so much fun.

On more recent news... I have officially been welcomed into the staff at sunshine. Friday was a rally day. And I guess its customary to prank the newbies on their first rally. They set up a chocolate covered apple eating contest between myself and the other "rookie" and the two "veterans". When I bit into my "apple" I quickly realised that I had something a bit stronger than I was expecting. Good thing I like onions. I ate most of it as a good sport but boy was it strong. My nose and throat burned so bad and my eyes were all watery. But it was all in good fun! I still love it there and am looking forward to getting any other new counselors at their first rally. That's pretty much all. Pictures should be up soon.

Thanks to everyone for making our wedding the beautiful event it was.

<3 kendell wrae evans