Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End Of Summer Wrap Up

So i'm not sure if it is officially the end of summer yet, but my summer has been over for about two weeks now, and with the end of summer comes a bunch of change and new beginnings.

Summer camp has ended for work and i've started a new group at Sunshine. I have a mixed group of 2nd and 3rd graders and i have TWO co-counselors, one of wich is a "newbie". I'm loving my group so far but im still getting adjusted to school schedule versus summer schedule.

My LAST Early Child Education class began two weeks ago. This class is at the Valencia COC campus. This is my first time taking ECE classes at the Valencia campus...and i have to say, im not a fan. I LOVE my teacher and the class is easy enough for me. HOWEVER i hate the location. The class set up is akward and the building is so removed from the rest of the campus that there is NO easy way t get to it. I cannot wait for December when this class is over and I start working on my General Education Classes and my Real Estate course. Hopefully those classes will keep me away from this campus and closer proximity to a parking spot in the shade. lol.

Another change that has been made is that my dad no longer lives in northern California. He is still unemployed and it really made NO sense for him to be paying rent on a place to live all by himself with no nearby family and no job. So he's closer to me and my little sister which is so great. It was difficult to move him and go through all his stuff. It seemed so much easier moving him up in 2008. Im beyond excited to have my dad closer to me. :)

Summer was SUPER fun

-My Birthday (Disneyland, Price is Right & Vegas)

-Annual Lake Mead Trip

-Fourth of July in San Diego

-Summer Camp

-Going to the Hill's Series Finale

-Daughter's trip to San Fran

But i LOVE fall. I love the clothes, the weather, nature, holidays... im so excited for all the upcoming fun thats on its way!

-Labor Day Weekend

-Casey's Birthday

-Garrett & Julie's Wedding


So much to look forward to. Until next time :)