Monday, June 14, 2010

Come On Down!

So as you know, i went to the Price is right on May 25th and my episode aired on June 17th.

in case you missed it, here it is!

The Price is Right - 6/17/2010

ooh and to top it off... some background clips :)

you should watch it.

i cant figure out how to get it posted now, but look on and look for the clip that says "Lonestar rocks TPIR".

Oh yah, i dont know if i mentioned this in my previous post, but Lonestar played! It was amazing. Such a fun day!

My prizes will arrive within 90 days of the air date. i cannot wait. i got some fun things planned... like a massage and some other much needed treats for myself.

hopefully pictures and an additional video to come. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a Celebration!

This year i turned 21, and i am so blessed to have been able to celebrate it as much as i have. it has been such a crazy month. It started with a trip to The Price is right. I was so excited to go. My friend Ashley went with me and we made custom shirts that turned out so cute!

May 25th : The Price Is Right

I wake up at 2:30, drive to CBS Studio's (next to The Grove) arrive at 3:30am. wait in line until 6:00 AM when they pass out the tickets. Walk back to the car, warm up and sit in the comfy seats for a few minutes. Head back, eat breakfast, and be back in line at 8 for 4 hours of processing. During the processing got my name tag, filled out a little piece of paper saying why i wanted to be on the show, got interviewed in a small group by the producers of the show, went through security and finally got filed into the studio. After dancing around to the "get pumped" music they had on, Rich Fields (the "come on down" guy) came out and told us the rules of the taping. They started filming and all i can say is to watch June 17th at 10 am (CBS). You wont want to miss it! :)

May 27th: the actual birthday

I woke up at 6 am to go to work, and there were streamers and happy birthday signs all over the house. I wish i had gotten pictures because it was so cute. I was so tired the night before that i didn't even wake up when Casey got up and decorated the house for my birthday! i went to work as usual. I had planned a relaxing fun day for the kids so we had a pizza party and watched Bed Knobs and Broomsticks. The kids loved the movie and i enjoyed the easy day. I came home and got ready for dinner. Casey planned on taking me somewhere nice for my bday so he took me to Salt Creek. The food was SO good and thanks to my mom, we got an amazing dessert on the house. It was a very nice night.

May 30th: Disneyland!

Once again, i woke up early (theme for my birthday i guess) and drove to Disneyland with Christina. We got there right as the park opened. I was really nervous because we dared to go to Disneyland on a holiday, but the lines were surprisingly, and uncharacteristically short. We got on all the rides in less than 15 min. By the time we were done it was barely after lunch. we got home by 3pm with plenty of time to go to my nephew, Gunners, 4th birthday party. It was such a great fun day.

June 4th-June 7th: VEGAS TRIP

Friday: I woke up early.... again... went into work for a little over an hour to finish decorating my room for summer camp. then, i got home and we got on the road for Vegas. We stopped at the outlets at State Line as usual and then got back on the road. We had planned on staying at the Encore for our trip. We went to check in but we got sent away because apparently, booking three months in advance means nothing and they overbooked the room so we got sent to the Four Seasons which is the top four floors of the Mandalay Bay. we were kinda bummed but hey, its the Four Seasons. It was very nice. Friday night we wandered around the casino where i got to gamble for the first time, ate at the Mandalay Bay Buffet, and then wandered around some more.

(My Very First Time Gambling)

Saturday, we slept in (finally), went to the pools. That was so great. Aside from the ten pools that the Mandalay Bay has, The four seasons has their own private pool exclusively for their guests. They run it like a restaurant. They seat you in your own private lounge and come by with cold towels and frozen melon balls, fresh lemon water and stuff. it was so nice! After we were done at the pool, we got ready for the BIG NIGHT! we had dinner reservations and tickets to a show. We drove over to the Encore and Wynn hotels where we had the best dinner of my life!

The restaurant we ate at was called Bartolotta. We had to make the reservations to eat there 3 months in advance, but it was so worth it. We had a private cabana overlooking a large koi pond. Our reservation happened to be right at sunset. It was beautiful. They specialize in seafood. All of their seafood is flown in daily from the Mediterranean. We shared this scallop appetizer which was basically one bight for each of us... but i have to say, it was by far the bets bite of food i have ever had. For the main course, I got Scorpion fish pasta and Casey got this mixed seafood risotto. They were both amazing. His tasted like dessert. Then we got dessert... i don't even remember what it was called. All i know it was sooo stinkin good!

The Cabana
After dinner, we killed some time wandering around and looking at the amazing shops in the Wynn and Encore. Finally it was time to go to the show we got tickets for.

It's called "Le Reve" which means The Dream, in french. it was such an amazing performance. there's a pool as the stage and people come out of the pool, dive into the pool, fall from the ceiling... it was amazing! The best way for me to describe it is an Aquatic, Acrobatic, Theatrical performance. I would totally see it again. We had amazing seats, 8th row (the best one because you are perfectly eye level with MOST of the action). i couldn't take pictures during the show but if i were you, i would look it up! the pictures i do have is how they set the stage as everyone got their seats. OH and an added bonus, somehow we got free popcorn. The people in front of us as we were presenting our tickets at the door gave up some free popcorn passes and we got them.

After the show was done, we walked around for a bit before driving back to the Four Seasons for our last night there before coming back to the Encore for one night.
Sunday we got to check into the Encore for one night. the room was AMAZING.

I was sad we were only there one night. The pool was more of a free for all, but the room and the view was amazing and the Encore/Wynn casino is phenomenal! Sunday we went to the pool for a little and then went to the room and got ready. We had dinner at the Wynn Buffet (Casey was a little disappointed with the Buffet because the crab legs were cold. But it was still pretty tasty). After dinner we drove over to The Sahara which is kind a scary place. The crowd there is definitely different then the crowd at the Encore or Mandalay Bay. But its the only place we knew of where we could play One Dollar Black Jack... so it was worth it. It was so much fun. Casey and i played there for about four hours and didn't loose any money. in fact we made seven dollars! haha. We went back to the hotel and crashed.

Monday morning we woke up and had to check out of the Encore :( . We then headed off the main strip and to Gold & Silver Pawn aka the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop. None of the main guys from the show were there but it was still really cool to check it out. It was a mad house. There were so many people. I had no idea that many people knew of the show. I got a souvenir shirt and some pictures and we headed home.

The drive home was super easy.. but Casey might say otherwise, i slept the whole way which is totally out of character for me. I must have just been totally worn out from such an amazing weekend.

I am so grateful to my hubby for letting me over-celebrate my birthday. It was by far the best birthday ever.

Don't forget to watch The Price is Right on June 17th. (Ch 2 @ 10 am)
Until then.... :)