Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 years Ago

Four years ago today, i went on the best first date (and my last first date) ever. To be honest, i thought Casey was too good to be true... so much so that i didn't really think he and i were actually going on a date until he came to the door and my dad told me my date was there to pick me up.

When i asked him where we were going he told me, "somewhere special". We showed up at The 94th Aero Squadron and had a wonderful meal... i was impressed that he made reservations for us. Most guys are so unprepared for a date.

(pictures taken 9 months after our first date)

After dinner we drove to two really unique places... we call them, "The Lions" and "The Rust Factory". Basically, just cool things to show me but i really got a feel for what i special guy i was on a date with. The unique surroundings and long drives gave us ample time to have great, genuine conversation.

Four years later and the conversation isn't dull yet. He is such an amazing man. I knew that night i would be with him forever. I couldn't see myself with anyone else after that night.

Happy Anniversary Casey! 4 years of amazing memories together... I love you!

PS: ill blog later about the fun stuff i have planned to celebrate 4 years. My new motto, "Celebrate Everything!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Ruby... My heart breaks

This story is amazing... the strength of this family. It is amazing how your heart can break and go out to complete strangers. Read the story.... but make sure you have a tissue present. This families strength is a testimony builder for sure.


Weddings are always a good time.

So right after i got back from my trip to Utah, i had a quite the wedding to attend. Now i love weddings no matter what but this one was extra fun because my Sister In Law, Lauren was there with her husband (Casey's brother) and my new adorable nephews. Her oldest son, Maverick was a ring bearer and the best dancer on the floor! I had such a fun time but the BEST part of the reception was the photo booth! I love how Lauren looks fabulous even when shes super preggo! Also, i cannot believe Lauren and I were able to convince Casey to do the photo booth with me.

I just wish i got a picture...or video... of Mav dancing with me and Lauren.

Congrats Allie and Britt! you put on quite the party and are quite the couple!

It has been a while... forgive me

I was trying to figure out how to catch up on everything that has happened since the last time i blogged...and have come to the realization that there is no way for me to do that. Ill do my best. I am sure i will forget something important... here we go.

In May i celebrated my 22nd birthday. It was quite the Disney Event. I had a Minnie Mouse birthday party and I got the Disneyland Annual Pass that Ive always wanted. The one with no blackout dates so i could go whenever i want and has parking included. Ive already used it a ton.

June started Summer Camp at work which means field trips and long days with crazy kids and being more used to being referred to as Bambi instead of Kendell.

Also in June, My dad and i went to Disneyland together where we had a mini family reunion. That pass i got really came in handy. I got to see my cousins that i haven't seen in forever and my aunts (dad's sisters). It was really fun.

July was a long month.

Whitney and i celebrated the 4th of July together while Madison traveled the world.

My dad left for his new job on July 8th... in Afghanistan. Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things i ever had to do. He is doing wonderfully and if you want to know about his Afghan Adventure you should check out his blog. I'm so proud of my dad!

After my dad left for Afghanistan and Whitney went back to Utah, i had to say goodbye to my little kiddos at work and being known as "Bambi". I left my job at Sunshine and am now focusing on finishing my real estate as soon as possible. I didn't realize how much i love those crazy kids until i had to say goodbye to them. I miss them so much!

The end of July, Casey and i took our annual trip to Lake Mead with his family and this year we took with us a new toy. Sure was a fun trip! I did the best i had ever done wake boarding before which says something because the waters were really choppy. i cant wait to try again. The sad part was that because it was so windy and choppy, riding our new toy was not as much fun as it could have been. I'm hoping to go again before the season is over.

With my new found freedom with not having a job, i decided to take a quick road trip with Madison to Utah to visit Whitney. It was my first time going anywhere without Casey. It was harder on me then i thought. but i had a really good time. We went to Temple Square, saw the Utah Mylers and visited my Grandpa Boyd's resting spot in Provo.

That brings us up to date. Last week i decided to use my time at home to Casey's benefit and make some yummy cupcakes to cheer him up after a long day of work. It really made him happy and made it tough for me to stick to my eating healthy thing. Next time I bake a bunch ill have to give most of them away.

UPDATE: I told you i would forget something important:

-Madison Graduated High School and soon leaves for BYU-Idaho!

-Garrett left for Basic Training in the air force shortly after my dad left for Afghanistan.

This is QUITE the year for my family. Can't wait to see what the other half of 2011 has in store for us. :)