Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ready to RING in the new year...

How was every one's Christmas? Mine was amazing

It started with Christmas eve with my family. We had a dinner and my uncle Alan came over. After dinner, i left to go visit with Casey's family before Christmas day. As i left my car pretty much broke down, so i had to turn right around and leave my car. Luckily, my older sister let me use hers. I got to Casey's house and just hung out and played with the kids and stuff.

[Christmas Eve Dinner]
Then it was Christmas Day. I woke up and opened presents and ate breakfast with my family. Highlights of Christmas at my mom's house: The snowboard for me and my little sister from my brother, a necklace and purse from my mom and the Traditional Christmas Barbie from Santa :). Then at like 12: 30 Casey came to pick me up because my car wasn't working. Christmas with the Evans' started at 1pm. We ate an amazing Christmas lunch and then opened presents. I loved watching the little girls open their gifts. I absolutely Love Christmas. Casey gave me this thing i saw on an infomercial called Bump It. Its this thing u use to pump up your hair. i still haven't figured it out. It was a really cute and fun gift and even cuter that he heard me mention that i thought it looked cool and he remembered and ordered it for me. So all the presents were opened and done with and things were slowing down when Casey's Mom suddenly remembered that Cody (Who was away in Australia with Lauren and Mav for the Holidays) had called about an urgent bill that needed to be picked up from his house and taken care of ASAP and asked if Casey would run over there sometime that day to pick it up and see what he could do about it. about a half hour later we headed over there. Casey's mom offered for me to stay and play with the kids while Casey did this one quick errand, but i felt like going for a stroll, so we left. Luckily, Cody doesn't live far so it would just be a quick trip.

So we got to Cody's house and once Casey opened up the door i saw this cute little 2 foot tall Christmas Tree on a table with a huge box under it. I thought, "Cute, Casey's mom brought over a gift for Cody and Lauren so they'd have something there when they got back on Sunday" but as my blind eyes adjusted to the light, i realised it had my name written across the entire side of the box. My heart sank! Casey had some thing up his sleeve. I didn't know what to say. He just sat on the couch and motioned for me to open my gift. So i sat on the floor and carefully pulled off the paper. I figured there was a box over another box (because that's just the way Casey is) I thought it would be the Jessica Simpson Shoes i fell in love with a few days earlier that Casey had seen. I realized when i saw the medium sized box that shoes couldn't fit in there. So i unwrapped that box and saw that it was something that was shipped to him. What on earth! So i opened THAT box and inside it was a tiny little box...okay so not something that was shipped... that sly little boy! my heart sank... I was thinking he got me some new Christmas earrings just like the year before. I opened that and pulled out the little black box. When i saw what was inside i quickly shut the box and gasped. Casey laughed as i slowly opened up the box to look at the most beautiful ring i had ever seen. Thoughts were racing through my head. I didn't want to assume what that ring meant so i looked up at him and whispered, "What finger does this go on?" He laughed as he came onto the floor next to me. Tears started filling up my eyes as he quietly said, "What finger to you think it goes on?" He took the ring out of the box and placed it on my left ring finger. MY heart was pounding i sprung up and gave him the biggest hug i could and am pretty sure i kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" I couldn't believe it. He pulled away from the hug after a minute and asked, "So is that a yes??" OF COURSE ITS A YES!

(pictures to come of the ring and other stuff)

The best gift i could have ever gotten.... a fiance. We spent some time there talking. I was shaking like crazy. We lingered in the moment for a while before i realized, "What about that bill?... There was no bill?" So everyone was in on it. how cute. After some time we went back to Casey's parents house where his dad asked , "So did you find the bill" i couldn't stop shaking!

That night i came home to my moms house and waited for her to come home so i could break the news. We had a three hour discussion and hugged and laughed and cried.

The next day i went to temecula for Christmas with my dad and the rest of my family. My siblings had left Christmas day for temecula. So i would be breaking the news with them the day after Christmas. It was like a mini family reunion. so much fun. I announced the news privately with my dad and then came inside and brought my siblings into the main room and announced it to them there. Later that day we booked the temple for March 21st, 2009.

So there it is people... the big news is finally here. Save the date! I'm so excited. More info to come soon. :)

Now I'm ending 2008... the last year as Kendell Myler... in three months ill forever be Kendell Evans. :)

Hope everyone else had a really great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it snow!

Hey everyone!
In case you hadn't heard... Southern California is actually experiencing WINTER! its weird. Casey got snowed in last week in Lancaster. I cant wait to see the snow. Its starting to really feel like Christmas.

Christmas tree Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit because its like THREE days away! Insane! Decorations are finally up at my moms house... plans are made and everything is set.

I got my schedule all worked out for this week. I had the day off today to do a Birthday Celebration with my good friend Tiffany. We had planned on going to Disneyland, but the weather stopped us. Instead we went to Glen Ivy Day Spa and got pedicures and then had lunch. i loved it. Its so nice having people home from school for the Holidays. Whitney got here today... its so good to have her home!

Tomorrow i work from 2 to 11:30pm. pretty intense. i like late shifts though. its better than getting there at like 7 in the morning. i love my job.. the only down side is that I'm around clothes that i love all day and i cant buy them. its like dangling cake in front of someone on a diet. so not cool! lol.

I know im working Christmas Eve... im not sure from what time to what time.. but it shouldn't be too bad. Ill be home before Santa stops by :)

Santa Clause Pictures, Images and Photos

And then its Christmas. I'm spending Christmas day at my moms and then Christmas night with Casey's family.
The day after Christmas I'm going down to Temecula with my family to spend Christmas with my dad.
Then, the next day, is Stephanie's wedding... i cant believe its almost here. its insane.

I'm almost done with all my Christmas gifts. all i have to do is wrap them and finish up a few. I'm so excited. i was worried i wouldn't be able to do Christmas this year because i didn't have a job, but i got this one just in time and the Lord has blessed me with the ability to do a few small things for the people in my life. Some gifts wont be taken care of til after Christmas but hey... it all worked out.

Ill try to blog again soon.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the Season

Hey everyone. i feel like its been ages since i've blogged... so here we go.

The only thing that has really changed since my last post is that i got a job. I know i know.. about freaking time! lol. I work at the Buckle now. You should come shop there from me because i work partly off of commission. so yah... I start monday

I'm super stoked for Christmas this year...well... actually... every year. and i cant believe its so close.

Other news... i get to go to Disneyland on the 22nd for Tiffany's bday.. yay!

and then there's Christmas and things... and then...its a whole new year. its all creepin up so fast.

now i feel silly because its been so long since ive been on here and that's all i had to say... hmmm...

okay... well hope everyone else is doing well. :)