Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick Thought

So today was a weird Sunday... After a long babysitting job last night, and Casey fixing up some cars last night, it was more than impossible (whatever that means) to get him out of bed this morning. So needless to say, we did not go to church today - sad :(.

We did, however, go to lunch with Casey's family which is always fun. It was nice to see Lauren and the boys...they'd been in Australia. I'm having fun getting ready for the upcoming events (as mentioned in my last blog).

Casey decided that tonight, he was going to work on the house as i worked on my homework. He has installed our medicine cabinet, finished up some painting, installed a porch light and some landscape lights. he's still going!

But about fifteen minutes ago, a there was a knock at the door. I was very surprised to see some ladies from the ward! It made my night that they were in the neighborhood and wanted to say, "hi". It meant SO much to me. Sometimes i feel so out of place in a ward full of moms and dads and stuff... but their visit really made me feel good about my place in the ward. I'm so grateful to be a member of such a loving church (and such a true church)

and of course very lucky to have a husband so capable of making our house a home.

All i have to say is, i am blessed!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its that time of year!

Hey again!

it just hit me that its that time of year where everything goes in fast motion.
upcoming is a bunch of school stufff, casey's birthday, a trip to san diego to see my grandparents and go to the Mirimar air show, Andrea and Justin getting married, some family birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the year 2010, valentines day, followed by casey and my one year anniversary.... wow how time goes fast. i am sort of overwhelmed by it all. im trying to focus on one day at a time. first things first...decorate for fall and prepare for Casey's birthday!

my husband will be turning 24 on Oct 4 this year. i am SO excited because (like i mentioned) we are going to San Diego to the Mirimar air show. i love going on little weekend trips with my husband. with all the hustle and bustle that goes into our every day, taking two days to escape just the two of us really brings us closer.

This past weekend was really fun! i spend Saturday with Casey's mom and we started working on some crafts for Halloween. I am going to make some Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkins. i also want to make a wreath and some other cute things to make our house more homey. i will (for sure) post some pictures once they are finished.

OH and yesterday marked Casey and i being married for 6 months. Time really has moved quickly...

that's all there is to report for now. until then... :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oy My achin' Back!

So these past two weeks have been really odd.

The Tuesday after the three day weekend, I hurt my back at work and was unable to go to work for two days. So that has been the focus of my life lately. They gave me some medication which proved that i am quite the medical light weight. (me + muscle relaxers=me as a vegetable).
But now I am back at work and doing my best to recover quickly. Yesterday i went for a follow up with the doctor and they decided to do an XRay. Everything is fine, however my muscle is still spasm-ing and i am still in pain at random intervals in the day.
They recommended physical therapy... i don't know if i want to do it. I would rather just slowly recover and work out at the gym or something. I don't know. Maybe I'm being stubborn.
OH and in other people news:

Justin and Andrea (friends of casey and myself) got engaged on Sept 11 and are getting married October 10th...of this year! i am SO excited for them!
My mother is currently in Israel to celebrate the Jewish Holidays with her friends that live in Israel and spend time with their families.

Tuesday the 15th was my big brother Garrett's birthday... big 25!
Today is my neices Makenna and Reagan's Birthdays. They are now 6 & 5! They are getting so big!

On Monday, Casey and I will have been married for 6 months! time is flying so fast. I feel like we Just got married. I feel like August is just beginning and in no time at all we will be doing our first Christmas as a married couple! But right now i need to focus in on Halloween and Fall decorations. Casey's mom and i are going to try to do some crafts this year and hopefully make our house look more homey and festive for the holidays. YAY! so much to be excited about!

ps: small (sad) note... this year marks the tenth year of my grandpa passing away. I just wanted to post something about him. He has been on my mind a whole lot this year. Especially since i got married. He was such a good grandfather... a great example to myself and my siblings. I will always look up to him and am so happy his health struggles are over. I am so greatful that families are together forever. I love you Grandpa Boyd!
*I wish i had a picture of him on the computer. Any family members that do, please send it to me*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet September!

Once again, it has been way too long since the last post. Perhaps if i blogged more regularly, my posts would be short and sweet as opposed to my usual "short stories". So here's the updates.

A lot of changes have gone down at sunshine as far as my classroom is concerned. First I was in a classroom with "Raven", a 6 foot tall athlete from Tennessee. But Sunshine isn't where he wanted to be so he left. Now I'm with Polka-Dot and Cinnamon. Polka-dot used to be front desk but with her school schedule this year, she couldn't do that anymore so now she is my co counselor. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm with Cinnamon. I still don't know too much about her. I've had so much fun this year so far! my kids are adorable. I love starting the year with a group of kids. Kind of a fresh slate... so cool!
August's classroom theme was "Back to School Roundup". I had so much fun with that as far as decorating went.

This month is "Sweet September", Kind of a play off Candyland. I'm having more fun this month with the planning and Candy Themed activities.

When I'm not at sunshine, I'm at COC. Casey and i have both started school. I go between shifts on Monday and Wednesday and Casey goes after work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. My classes are so much fun and they help a lot at work. They give me a lot of new insights and help me understand the children better. I cannot wait to learn more!

This last week, both work and school were made difficult due to the fires close to where i work and close to COC. there was so much smoke and ash that my asthma hurt SOO bad. i had a hard time just walking to and from my car! it was insane. my asthma is usually not a huge deal, but for some reason, the dense smoke triggered it really bad. But all is well now....

Especially considering Casey and i took the holiday weekend as a chance to come and visit my dad in San Fransisco. Yesterday, Casey and i took the BART to Embarcadaro and then walked through the Farmer's Market and then through Fisherman's Warf. We hit up Gharadelli Square and of course my favorite cupcake shop, Kara's Cupcakes! (amazing!)
Casey had his first REALLY Gharadelli sundae. We were thinking of taking a sunset cruise on the bay, around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge, but the dense fog rolled in and we knew that if we did it, it would have been a waste of money because we wouldnt be able to see the sunset, let alone any of the sights. So we headed back early to do dinner with my dad. But we didn't feel like walking the whole way back, and i had blisters on my feet from my sandals so we hopped on what i called "a Ridey Guy". Its a guy on a bike with a two passenger seat buggy towed behind him. It was sort of romantic and a nice way to see what we walked in a better light... its really beautiful when your not walking the whole way. we took some cute pictures on Casey's phone on it. (i forgot the battery to my camera in it's charger at my dad's house). After we got back, we watched Taken with my dad and then went out to dinner to this amazing Italian place in the town next to my dad's.

Sunday we went down to this cute little town called Sauselito (spelling is probably horrible). We walked the shops and ate some good food and watched a guy catch a sting ray and annother man make rock sculptures. it was a fun day!

Yesterday, we just had breakfast with my dad and drove home. Leaving him, as always, was really hard. Thank you for an amazing weekend daddy! Love you!