Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Getaway

Casey and I decided to go away for a weekend just to spend some time together. Things have been so busy lately. This is how we celebrated our anniversary even though it was a month late, it was perfect! We chose to go to San Diego and stay with my grandparents in Temecula.

We left Thursday night after we dropped Lady off at Casey's brother's house. We got to my Grandma's house at about 10 and quickly went to bed. The next morning we drove from Temecula to San Diego to go to the Safari Park. It was packed in line but once we got in, it was super fun. I have a new favorite animal, Porcupine! so stinking cute! We saw a lot of cute animals up close and got a lot of walking in. We went in to this butterfly jungle and were surrounded by literally thousands of butterflies. Casey said it was creepy... i had to somewhat agree. But we got an adorable picture out of it.

We went from there to the safari and it was a huge line but i knew it was worth the wait. I saw giraffes and a lot of Rhinos and random deer looking animals. I loved seeing the Zebras! I was just bummed that the Lions weren't there. (they are remodeling the Lion exhibit) :(

After that we were pretty much done with the whole park. We headed the the front and passed a petting zoo. i couldn't pass up a chance to touch some animals. :)

We headed back to my Grandma's house where we knew we had a home cooked meal waiting for us. My grandma made meatloaf which was amazing and a chocolate cake. (uh oh!) I knew right then that sticking to my diet would be near impossible during our trip. We started to watch Fantasia but i fell asleep so we went to bed. Saturday morning we got up and decided to go exploring. We stopped by Pechanga, which is HUGE by the way and then drove around the wine country. it was so pretty. we found the mall and walked around a bit and then went home and changed for dinner. We went out to dinner and planned on going out to see a movie but the movie times were so late, so we went to wal mart and bought Rebel Without a Cause and watched that on Casey's laptop in our room.

Easter Sunday we went to church with my grandma and hung out at their house. Grandma made an amazing dinner and of course some dessert. We watched Phantom of the Opera with my Grandparents and then Casey and i went to bed. The next morning was so bittersweet. The weekend was perfect and relaxing and easy and it was so hard to leave knowing that we had to go back to reality.

I am so grateful to have grandparents who live in such a beautiful place and are such beautiful people. Even though this was my first Easter without the Easter Bunny or Easter Eggs but it was perfect! I was so happy to come home to our Lady and she was so happy to see us. Now its back to reality!

Who's That Lady?

So it was a beautiful Saturday when i convinced Casey to go to the Fish Hatchery off the 126 and then go to a fruit stand to grab some fresh produce. Afterwards Casey decided to drive towards Castaic lake to see if there were any boat shops that we could look at. After we drove around and realized there were only repair shops and no showrooms or any place that sold SeaDoos or boats, i had the bright idea to stop by the Castaic Animal Shelter...just for kicks.

We walked in and i just wanted to ask someone how long they kept their cats before they euthanized them. Then we walked through all the dogs to get to the cat building but before we could even get two dog cages into the room, i saw the sweetest face ever. We spent a while talking to people in the pound and looking at dogs and cats and stuff. Then we drove to Burt's Mega mall. The whole time the only thing we talked about was this dog we saw. We decided we would pray about it and sleep on it. We drove home and had dinner, did some research on Boxer dogs and went to sleep.

Sunday morning came and right after Sacrament meeting, we drove to the pound and put our names down to adopt her. Monday she got fixed and Tuesday she came home. Meet our Lady!

Lady is a 2 year old Boxer. They say she had puppies before we got her. She's super calm and sweet. She knows how to Sit and Shake. We are so happy to have her in our family. It was such a surprise decision to get her but we know it was the right choice at the right time...and for sure the right dog. We Love Lady!