Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey everyone! I cannot believe its November already! I always seem to get caught off guard by the start of yet another month. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! I guess its time for some updates from October:


The wedding was beautiful and two weeks later was the reception! I really enjoyed being a bridesmaid for the first time. I'm so glad they are finally married. now we can hang out as married couples. its awesome... except for the fact that in January they are going back to Idaho and leaving us here in Cali... we will have to enjoy their company while we still can...
Here are some pictures from the wedding. Casey got caught holding the flowers for me while i fixed my shoes or something.

Halloween was really fun. At sunshine, i ended up dressing up as "Bambi the Builder" (or Bob the Builder..but my work name is Bambi.. you get the idea". The Fall Festival was a blast. I was a greeter so i got to see all the students in their costumes walking in. The night of Halloween we passed out candy, went out to dinner with Justin and Andrea and watched the movie 1408. (FREAKY!).
Everything is business as usual. Casey and I are still in school, still working away...nothing has really changed.

The only "new" thing is for a while, i will be the subbing as the singing time person in primary. For those that know me well.. Ive always loved to sing... but never could. I am not the most musically inclined person. So far i have done two singing times...and they weren't horrific. The first one went really well ...the second one... was not a failure. Of course, there's a story:

Last Sunday was my cousin's baby's blessing in my mother in laws ward. It starts at the same time our ward does so we planned on running over for the blessing.. leaving shortly after sacrament and making it back in time for singing time. easy enough.

So we get to church during the opening song and go to the back to sit with Casey's mom. She looks at me and says "I didn't know your dad was here". I look towards the front of the chapel to see my dad standing in the middle of the middle row staring back at me. The next minute went by really quickly. I'm pretty sure i babbled something to Casey before running to where my dad was, tripping over half of the people in the row, hugging him and crying. (I have missed my dad a lot lately...) I ended staying for pretty much all of sacrament and was still pretty emotional when i got to singing time. I did my bit and left right after to go to the open house and spend some more time with my dad. Sooo i was a bit distracted during singing time to say the least.

Hopefully ill get some pictures back soon.

Tonight was my friend Danica's bachelorette party. We went to BJ's for dinner and pazookies and then to the bowling ally for some good "Clean" bachelorette fun. Some girls got naughty accessories to liven things up a bit... i think that was the most entertaining Wednesday night the bowling alley has had in a while! haha.

This weekend is Danica's Wedding and I'm cooking a nice dinner one of the nights. Its been a while since Ive been able to cook a nice dinner for my husband. I'm really looking forward to it.

I will have a lot of updates soon with the Holidays quickly approaching and many of my friends getting engaged and married and stuff. Coming up is My mom's birthday, New Moon, Thanksgiving, the end of my first full semester of college, Christmas, New years and some more people getting married!

Until next time :)

---more pictures to come soon----

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 24th Hubby!


Sunday, the man of my dreams turned 24! Last year for his birthday, I was not able to do what i wanted because i got laid off from my job. So this year, i really wanted to make up for last year and throw him a surprise party and then go to San Diego to the Mirimar Air Show.

Unfortunately, i caught the flu the Sunday before his birthday. I spend Monday at the doctors, Tuesday and Wednesday recovering and highly medicated, and then Thursday and Friday working and trying to catch up from being out all week. Needless to say the surprise party didn't happen.

Casey's and his mom were so helpful, she even offered to help me try to pull of the party even though i was pretty much beat up but it just wasn't possible.

I told Casey about it and he was so cute...just excited about the idea. maybe next year i could pull it off.

Friday night we left for San Diego (a few hours behind schedule, but that's okay...) We spend a good half hour lost in Sylmar...which was fun because i had never seen Sylmar and (I'm easily amused) i loved seeing something i never had before.

When we got to my Grandparents house it was like 10pm and they had cake and ice cream ready for us. We sang to Casey and hit the sack.

Early the next morning we drove another 45 min to the air show. it was SO much fun. Casey loved it. It was my second time there but Casey's first... we decided this will be a yearly thing. Casey and i loved watching the military planes doing amazing stunts in the sky. We left a bit early though, because we totally spaced it and forgot about sunscreen. We got pretty burnt! [Picture of our sunburns and then of the cool things we saw while we baked :) ]

After the air show, we went back to my grandparent's house, took a nap and then went out to dinner at Chili's where they sung happy birthday to him and then we went and saw the Toy Story Double Feature in 3d.

AND THEN... we went back to my Grandparents house, went to sleep, woke up the next morning and drove home for birthday dinner at Casey's parents' house.

All in all the weekend was a success and i am feeling much better, but now I'm sunburned. It was worth it to see how much my husband enjoyed it. I'm so lucky to have a husband who can do all he does for me and on top of it, go to school and work and take care of a sick wife... I'm just so glad we could do something nice for his birthday.

This weekend is Justin and Andrea's wedding so we get to escape again to San Diego to my Grandparents house. I'm so excited... to see my grandparents and to see two of my friends become an eternal family. I'm so happy for them!

all that is left to do now is get ready for our fist Holiday season together.. starting with Halloween! yay!