Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ready to RING in the new year...

How was every one's Christmas? Mine was amazing

It started with Christmas eve with my family. We had a dinner and my uncle Alan came over. After dinner, i left to go visit with Casey's family before Christmas day. As i left my car pretty much broke down, so i had to turn right around and leave my car. Luckily, my older sister let me use hers. I got to Casey's house and just hung out and played with the kids and stuff.

[Christmas Eve Dinner]
Then it was Christmas Day. I woke up and opened presents and ate breakfast with my family. Highlights of Christmas at my mom's house: The snowboard for me and my little sister from my brother, a necklace and purse from my mom and the Traditional Christmas Barbie from Santa :). Then at like 12: 30 Casey came to pick me up because my car wasn't working. Christmas with the Evans' started at 1pm. We ate an amazing Christmas lunch and then opened presents. I loved watching the little girls open their gifts. I absolutely Love Christmas. Casey gave me this thing i saw on an infomercial called Bump It. Its this thing u use to pump up your hair. i still haven't figured it out. It was a really cute and fun gift and even cuter that he heard me mention that i thought it looked cool and he remembered and ordered it for me. So all the presents were opened and done with and things were slowing down when Casey's Mom suddenly remembered that Cody (Who was away in Australia with Lauren and Mav for the Holidays) had called about an urgent bill that needed to be picked up from his house and taken care of ASAP and asked if Casey would run over there sometime that day to pick it up and see what he could do about it. about a half hour later we headed over there. Casey's mom offered for me to stay and play with the kids while Casey did this one quick errand, but i felt like going for a stroll, so we left. Luckily, Cody doesn't live far so it would just be a quick trip.

So we got to Cody's house and once Casey opened up the door i saw this cute little 2 foot tall Christmas Tree on a table with a huge box under it. I thought, "Cute, Casey's mom brought over a gift for Cody and Lauren so they'd have something there when they got back on Sunday" but as my blind eyes adjusted to the light, i realised it had my name written across the entire side of the box. My heart sank! Casey had some thing up his sleeve. I didn't know what to say. He just sat on the couch and motioned for me to open my gift. So i sat on the floor and carefully pulled off the paper. I figured there was a box over another box (because that's just the way Casey is) I thought it would be the Jessica Simpson Shoes i fell in love with a few days earlier that Casey had seen. I realized when i saw the medium sized box that shoes couldn't fit in there. So i unwrapped that box and saw that it was something that was shipped to him. What on earth! So i opened THAT box and inside it was a tiny little box...okay so not something that was shipped... that sly little boy! my heart sank... I was thinking he got me some new Christmas earrings just like the year before. I opened that and pulled out the little black box. When i saw what was inside i quickly shut the box and gasped. Casey laughed as i slowly opened up the box to look at the most beautiful ring i had ever seen. Thoughts were racing through my head. I didn't want to assume what that ring meant so i looked up at him and whispered, "What finger does this go on?" He laughed as he came onto the floor next to me. Tears started filling up my eyes as he quietly said, "What finger to you think it goes on?" He took the ring out of the box and placed it on my left ring finger. MY heart was pounding i sprung up and gave him the biggest hug i could and am pretty sure i kept saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" I couldn't believe it. He pulled away from the hug after a minute and asked, "So is that a yes??" OF COURSE ITS A YES!

(pictures to come of the ring and other stuff)

The best gift i could have ever gotten.... a fiance. We spent some time there talking. I was shaking like crazy. We lingered in the moment for a while before i realized, "What about that bill?... There was no bill?" So everyone was in on it. how cute. After some time we went back to Casey's parents house where his dad asked , "So did you find the bill" i couldn't stop shaking!

That night i came home to my moms house and waited for her to come home so i could break the news. We had a three hour discussion and hugged and laughed and cried.

The next day i went to temecula for Christmas with my dad and the rest of my family. My siblings had left Christmas day for temecula. So i would be breaking the news with them the day after Christmas. It was like a mini family reunion. so much fun. I announced the news privately with my dad and then came inside and brought my siblings into the main room and announced it to them there. Later that day we booked the temple for March 21st, 2009.

So there it is people... the big news is finally here. Save the date! I'm so excited. More info to come soon. :)

Now I'm ending 2008... the last year as Kendell Myler... in three months ill forever be Kendell Evans. :)

Hope everyone else had a really great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it snow!

Hey everyone!
In case you hadn't heard... Southern California is actually experiencing WINTER! its weird. Casey got snowed in last week in Lancaster. I cant wait to see the snow. Its starting to really feel like Christmas.

Christmas tree Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit because its like THREE days away! Insane! Decorations are finally up at my moms house... plans are made and everything is set.

I got my schedule all worked out for this week. I had the day off today to do a Birthday Celebration with my good friend Tiffany. We had planned on going to Disneyland, but the weather stopped us. Instead we went to Glen Ivy Day Spa and got pedicures and then had lunch. i loved it. Its so nice having people home from school for the Holidays. Whitney got here today... its so good to have her home!

Tomorrow i work from 2 to 11:30pm. pretty intense. i like late shifts though. its better than getting there at like 7 in the morning. i love my job.. the only down side is that I'm around clothes that i love all day and i cant buy them. its like dangling cake in front of someone on a diet. so not cool! lol.

I know im working Christmas Eve... im not sure from what time to what time.. but it shouldn't be too bad. Ill be home before Santa stops by :)

Santa Clause Pictures, Images and Photos

And then its Christmas. I'm spending Christmas day at my moms and then Christmas night with Casey's family.
The day after Christmas I'm going down to Temecula with my family to spend Christmas with my dad.
Then, the next day, is Stephanie's wedding... i cant believe its almost here. its insane.

I'm almost done with all my Christmas gifts. all i have to do is wrap them and finish up a few. I'm so excited. i was worried i wouldn't be able to do Christmas this year because i didn't have a job, but i got this one just in time and the Lord has blessed me with the ability to do a few small things for the people in my life. Some gifts wont be taken care of til after Christmas but hey... it all worked out.

Ill try to blog again soon.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the Season

Hey everyone. i feel like its been ages since i've blogged... so here we go.

The only thing that has really changed since my last post is that i got a job. I know i know.. about freaking time! lol. I work at the Buckle now. You should come shop there from me because i work partly off of commission. so yah... I start monday

I'm super stoked for Christmas this year...well... actually... every year. and i cant believe its so close.

Other news... i get to go to Disneyland on the 22nd for Tiffany's bday.. yay!

and then there's Christmas and things... and then...its a whole new year. its all creepin up so fast.

now i feel silly because its been so long since ive been on here and that's all i had to say... hmmm...

okay... well hope everyone else is doing well. :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was up real late last night. My thoughts wouldn't let me rest.

The night before last, i finished Eclipse (the third twilight book). Yesterday i bought the fourth one, Breaking Dawn. Besides my excitement for the Twilight Saga to continue keeping me awake, i was missing Casey. I was excited to be going home soon. Then on the other hand... i was happy to be up here with my dad and Lucy and my nice big bed. I was sad and was wishing there would be a way to have everything in one convenient location. My dad, my cat, my boyfriend, my sister, my ward... my big bed :). But we cant have everything we want... at least not all at once... It's good to know that all the things up here will be here whenever i can come back and visit again.

So i don't know how i feel right now... very bittersweet. One thing is for sure, i can be happy to know that i am so blessed to have so many things in my life that i love so much... just a shame that i cant have all of them all the time.

Today is my last full day up here. I spent the day cleaning the house a bit for my dad... sort of a goodbye gift.

Tomorrow i leave here around noon-ish and once i get home i am going to be at the movie theatre from 8pm to Midnight waiting for the Twilight movie to start... and then who knows what after.

Friday i have a job interview. and that's it.

After Friday i have no idea what ill do... ill have read all of the Twilight books, seen the movie, done my big interview and then...... hopefully i get that job... because I'm all out of distractions. lol.

I will for sure be coming back up here to visit more often.

On Monday, I went to Sonoma State Univ. to visit my friend Tiff while i was close enough to drive to her dorms. I love the campus and her roommates. it was so much fun to be there. We saw the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" and then watched The Hills... (that episode felt like it was seriously five minutes long). Then i drove back here to my dads and passed out.

Even though i feel like Ive just sat around here most of the time... i feel like Ive had a very successful trip. Hope everyone else has enjoyed themselves lately!

Turkey Day is right around the corner. then CHRISTMAS! yippee!

anyways. gotta go finish packing and cleaning.

Until next time :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good!!

About an hour ago, i landed in Alamo, California.
By landed i mean, i got out of my brothers car after an almost painless 5 hour drive. I wish i had taken a plane... i really am craving a plane ride...

My dads not here... he went out on the town. (He wasn't expecting us til later I'm guessing)

But I'm all settled in and ready for my week-long San Fran Adventure.

Ive already "reconnected" with my cat, Lucy! i missed her SO much. I'm so happy to be here.
It is kinda bittersweet. I miss Santa Clarita. Its so weird to be away from there... considering I've never lived anywhere else. I miss Casey. But i think ill survive. I cant wait for my dad to get home... then i can go to bed.

Still no job. So I'm staying til Thursday...

Once i get back into Santa Clarita, I'm meeting up with my friend Christina for the Twilight midnight showing. I read quite a bit of the third book on the trip up. I started last night and am already half-way through it. I need to slow down on those books. They are too expensive for me to read them in less than a week!

Friday after i get back, i have a big interview. I'm really excited. The job is a huge step forward. I kinda think of myself as an underdog for this position as I'm sure there are plenty of twenty-something... maybe even thirty-something year old people who would love it. Just cross your fingers for me!

As soon as I'm out of that interview I'm taking the first chance i have to see Casey. Sunday marks our 1 year, 3 month anniversary (not that I'm counting). I just have a good memory. We aren't "celebrating" our anniversary. But as always i want to thank him for another great month as "Casey's Girlfriend". He's so great to me! He's been so patient with me through this whole "I miss my dad", or "I miss my cat" or "I hate not having a job" or anything else i can think of to complain about phase I've been going through. He always helps me change perspective and be happy for the things i do have... time to sleep in, get organized after the move, and the chance to visit my dad for a whole week!

My dad is still not home... and I've been here over an hour... so i think I'm going to call him incessantly! I'm such a daddy's girl and cant wait to give him a big hug. I don't want to think about it.... because i would never do it... I'm too much opposed to change... but i really like it up here... i like my dads neighborhood ... if it weren't so far away from SCV, i think id move here. Thank goodness for being unemployed for the time being so i can spend all the time i want here... til i get a job... which i really need.

anyways... I'm ranting. I'm excited for Christmas(still). Casey and i watched The Santa Clause.. total Christmas classic (okay so classic might not be the right word... but Tim Allen is amazing!). I hope i get to go Christmas shopping while I'm here. I hear San Fran has some neat stores. anyways. ill probably post sometime this week. I'll be alone on Monday... and Tuesday.. and weds... and Thursday. lol.

Until Next time! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Missed Blogging.

Hey everyone.
So i feel like I've been slacking a lot on my blogging. So I'm going to try to recap what I've been up to lately.

Casey fixed my car shortly after the last blog was posted. So that's nice... i love having my own working car. I forgot how important my car really is to me. I'm also very lucky to have an amazing boyfriend to help me out when my car dies. He rocks!

I got a call recently for an interview today. I'm really excited about it. Cross your fingers for me. I'll have an update to how it went.

I'm thinking about going back to school in February. I want to take an Early Childhood Education class, Sign language class, and some kind of Physical Class like dance or gym. We'll see if that desire transpires into a reality for me.

OH! so i voted for the first time on Tuesday. It was a hard pill for me to swallow when Obama won, but hopefully he wont irreparably damage the country. hopefully it'll be over in four years. But prop 8 passed so that made me happy. However, what doesn't make me happy is seeing the people picketing outside the LA Temple and holding signs that mention Mormon's. Its so hurtful. Hopefully this doesn't last much longer.

Last night Casey had the great idea of going to Wal Mart to help me with my lack of sleep. (I've been having trouble sleeping for the past few weeks) so we went to Wal Mart and got some essentials. I got some makeup supplies i was out of, but most importantly i got an eye mask and earplugs. I woke up feeling so good. i actually slept without waking up every three hours.

I'm trying to plan a trip to visit my dad in San Fran. I miss him SO much, and i miss my kitty.

I have a lot going on but a lot of it is up in the air.

But what is for sure is that CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! i saw some commercials that got me excited. I'm ready to go shopping, decorate and make my lists. I guess i really need to get a job asap so i can indulge my Christmas desires. I LOVE Christmas. I live for Christmas.

i hope everyone is as excited for Christmas as i am! I have a lot to be excited about. Hopefully ill be able to post updates as my life transpires!

:) it felt so good to blog again even tho its kinda scatter-brained...
See ya next time! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Hey Everyone. A lots been going on.

Here are the quick points

-Dad Moved to San Fransisco
-I Moved in with my mom (not too far from the old house)
-Still no job, still searching.
-car broke down the other day, but Casey said he can fix it.

That's just about it. but I've been keeping really busy lately. i don't have a lot of time on the computer here so ill try to be on again soon for a more detailed update on life. I have no idea what I'm doing for Halloween or anything. I'm looking for super cheap costume ideas. anyone have any??

See ya next time! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just saw the Twilight Movie Preview. I'm inspired to re-read the book. How exciting! I think this is one of those movies ill see opening night. What do you think?

Check it out!

See you next time! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here are the rules:
1. Link the Person who Tagged you.
2. Mention rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
5. Leave a comment to let them know.

1. I change my clothes multiple times before going to sleep.

2. I can't leave a restaurant with a messy table i always "pre bus" the table before we leave to make the job easier for the person who cleans it.

3. I hate when the pillow gets warm. I will flip my pillow over multiple times before actually going to sleep. I just love the feel of cool sheets or the cold side of the pillow. :)

4. I have difficulty not answering the phone when it rings... im getting better at this though.

5. I have difficulty drinking plain water. I can drink water with lemon (usually i ask for extra lemons when i go out to dinner). But if all i have is plain water, ill usually end up having a sip of casey's drink or find something else to drink because i dont like plain water. Also, if theres ice in a cup, i have a hard time drinking without a straw because the ice gets in the way.

6. i dont i tend to go to the same restaraunts and order the exact same things and rarely branch out once i find one thing i really like on the menue. i dont know if thats a quirk... but i cant really think of anything else. im sure other people can list of crazy weird quirks of mine and ur welcome to tell me about them in a comment on my blog. hahaha

now its your turn!

The 6 people I tag are…Garrett, Aly, Laurel, Melissa, Stephanie, and... whoever else lol.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh My Blog!

Hey guys! its been forever since I've blogged. I feel like I've been gone forever. I think i really need to start working. i lose track of days when i don't work. Today I'm being really productive and am finally getting into life as usual. Let's recap what I've been up to since my last post.
[picture from event right before i left for Lake Mead]

On Sept 24, I went to Disneyland with my lovely friend Elizabeth who lives wayy too far away. Disneyland was like a halfway point for us. It was so nice to be able to be at a place i love with a girl i love! We had so much fun!

On Sept 26, i went to Lake Mead with Casey and his family. It was a blast. I was able to wake board (not really stay up though). Casey (even though he had just gotten his wisdom teeth out) was able to wake board, wake surf, sea doo and play the "bad adult games" and win $0.04! HOORAY! I feel like i ate a ton of food while i was there. The hotel we were at had a pretty decent buffet for the price. One night we went to the Bellagio Buffet and it was SO good. I'm not good at the whole buffet thing though. I can never eat enough! hahah. The last night we were there, Casey and i were able to drive over the hoover dam. It was so neat. The experience proved how much i am my fathers daughter. For those of you who don't know, my dad used to own a construction company. I grew up in his office and on his job sites. I loved it. He taught me a lot about construction and have always been interested in seeing construction progress. Well at the hoover dam, they are building a new bridge to bypass the dam for safety issues I'm guessing... anyways it was so neat to watch them do it that Casey had to remind me that we were going over the Hoover Dam. It was a really good trip and i had a blast.

[picture of me Wake Boarding in Lake Powell]

While i was gone, my dad accepted a job in San Francisco and will be moving there soon. Pretty exciting. Just puts me in a crunch to find a job. I've never not lived with my dad. oy, I'm kinda nervous.

[daddy and me showing our true colors at the zoo]

The day after i got back from Mead, my mom took my sister, brother and myself to see Wicked for my brother's birthday and my 18th Bday/Graduation present i was supposed to get over a year ago. it was worth the wait. i love that show. it's even better the second time.
(hopefully pictures to come soon)

Yesterday was the Book Club meeting. It was fun. After the book club meeting I went to the Wing Stop "soft opening" it was really nice to see all the hard work Casey and his brothers put into it. I'm so proud of Casey and how hard he works!

Today I'm doing laundry and looking for jobs and stuff. I need to sell my Calendars too for my fundraiser. Let me know if you're interested in one. Technically it's called sponsoring me and in return you get a calendar. It's twenty dollars and going to be well worth it. They will be distributed in December but i have to pre-sale most of them. Let me know!

Tomorrow is Casey's birthday. Last year for his birthday i took him to Six Flags and we went on Dive devil. This year we're using our passes to go to Universal Studios and I'm going to cook him dinner. Pretty much the same idea as last year but at a different theme park.

I don't know what else is new to update on here.... hmmm... i guess that's all...

See ya next time :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dilly Dally

Hey everyone! hope everyone is doing well. It's been pretty slow since i have been unemployed. I got sick on Tuesday but it was like a 24 hr thing. I was fine the next day. I had to play it safe on Weds. Thursday, Casey was scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out but plans changed. So he and i were able to enjoy the weekend. Yesterday Casey got his wisdom teeth out and everything went pretty well. He was in a lot of pain afterward and wasn't able to really communicate until later that night. This morning, he seems fine except for the pain and not being able to eat what he wants.

We leave Friday for Lake Mead. I'm super excited about that. When i get i have a lot of fun things planned. Weds I'm seeing Wicked (again) with my family for my brother's birthday. Thursday is the book club (it was previously scheduled to be on Weds Oct 1st but has since been moved to Thursday October 2nd) Everyone is invited. Even if you haven't read the book for this month, Charms For The Easy Life By: Kaye Gibbons. There will be food and you can be apart of picking the NEXT book. I think that's pretty much it on the updates side. Cross your fingers i find a good job soon. Life's too boring around the house.

See ya next time :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i prefer the word "vacation"

So today is my first day of being unemployed. I got laid off yesterday. I found out on Friday. My weekend wasn't the best weekend after finding that out, but I'm glad i was given a little warning. Yesterday was a weird day at work. I cleaned out my desk and emailed all my personal files to myself. Leaving work was surreal to think that I'm not going back. but sleeping in today was nice. i just woke up and its pretty nice. I mean... id love to be making money right now... but ill take sleeping in :)

yesterday was my older brother's birthday. we had fun. Sunday we had family dinner with my dad (vegetarian style just for him) and then yesterday we went to Thai Pepper (SO GOOD).

I love the feeling of falling with style.

Now that i have weekdays to do stuff for myself, i want to make sure i go to Universal one day, Disneyland another day, The zoo, Alvera street, anywhere. And i found out that i have credit with United Airlines. Super cool! but i do need to find a job so if anyone has any ideas... I'm interested... and I'm also open to being a nanny/babysitter for people. i used to be a nanny and i loved it and I'm open to doing that again. anyways. i don't have too much to say. its weird. People, let me know whats going on. i have to get myself into a routine.this is going to be interesting

oh and my books are supposed to come in the mail today. I got Twilight (hooray) and Charms for the Easy life for my Book Club (Oct 1st, my house). If you wanna come lemme know :)

See ya next time :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Later....

Today is 9/11.

This time, seven years ago, i was on the bus in awe as we listened to the news radio instead of our usual music radio. Some in tears, others mad, others scared. We were all thinking the same thoughts... how? why? we couldn't even imagine. I remember my mom yelling at me from her room telling me to come see her. I had just gotten out of the shower. My La mesa uniform on, hair wet, i walked in, annoyed because i wanted to finish getting ready. But my mood changed as i looked at her shocked face and turned to the TV, just in time to see the towers fall. They replayed the video of the planes hitting the famous buildings. I remember my mom explaining the situation to me and trying my hardest to comprehend what was happening. I remember getting to school and hugging my friends who were balling, in fear for their parents lives. One of my friends had a parent who lived/worked in New York City and some other of my friends were scared for their parents who worked in high rise buildings in Los Angeles. I remember being scared. My naive little self had no idea what was going on in the world. Had no idea what terrorists were. Had no idea that people would want to do such harm to other innocent people. Then other terror stories started to unfold during the day. The pentagon, The twin towers and the other plane that crashed in Virginia that was thought to be on its way to the White house (i think... doing this from memory. bear with me) It was an attack. Never in my life had i felt like this. The vision of the twin towers with people in it and people in the weapon of choice, the whole thing stunned me. I couldn't get it out of my head.

Seven years later... I'm still in shock as i watch the footage from that unforgettable day. In high school, i watched a documentary that was being filmed about fire fighters on September 11th when they got the call. The documentary caught actual footage of the events of that day. It gave me a perspective of what actually happened in those buildings that day. The bravery of those who so unselfishly entered those buildings to save other people's lives will never be forgotten.

This morning, i watched part of the ceremonies being held all over the country. Still unbelievable. I hope everyone stops for a moment to thank the Lord for the many blessings we enjoy. Today is a day for reflection of what happened on September 11th, 2001, remembrance of those lost and celebration of the ones we hold most dear.
God Bless America!
See Ya Next Time :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I need Your Help

Hey everyone. As you probably know, on April 20th, 2008, i was crowned Miss Stevenson Ranch. With that title i also won a scholarship. i have to raise the money for my scholarship on my own. Besides the kind donations i can get from online donations, []
I am going to be selling 2009 'Miss SCV Royalty' Calendars. This would be a huge deal as far as my scholarship is concerned. I need to sell at least 100 Calendars by Dec. 15th. I have progress deadlines along the way that i need to meet so the sooner i get some sold the better. They are $20 each and I will be IN the calendar. I haven't done the shoot yet but i am planned to be on the November page with my Teen Miss Stevenson Ranch, Amanda. If i sell all 100 first... i receive a bonus in my scholarship! The calendars are color, glossy pages with high resolution photographs and I've worked with this photographer before. he's great and his pictures always turn out really nice. Checks are payable to me. This is a fundraiser! i believe strongly in karma... so do something nice for YOURSELF and buy a calendar. :) tee hee hee.

[Miss Community Queens: (Left to right) Canyon Country, Val Verde, valencia, Newhall, Castaic, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch]

[PS. I've read the plans for the months and how they are going to be done... we are doing unique shoots for each month... its not just the pictures of me in my poofy dress and crown.. its going to be super cute and super nice and classy! I'm honestly excited a bout the calendar... not just because of the fundraising part]

Let me know if you are interested so i can put you down and because of my deadlines... the sooner i can get the check for your calendar... the better.

on a lighter note.
I finished Twilight already and it was SUCH a great book. I cannot wait for the movie to come out... though I'm skeptical if it could be nearly as good as the book was. I'm so excited to get the second book.. New Moon. Ive promised myself (for the sake of my eyes) to not buy the next book or st art the next book til the weekend because my sight is horrible and need to let them rest before i dig right back into another great book. If you haven't read it yet... you totally should! Anyways, i should probably get back to work.

Ps (again)... If you're reading my blog and you aren't on my list of people on the right... comment me so i know who you are and can ad your blog to my list of blogs to read or whatever... :) as much as i love writing my blog... id love to read yours :)
See ya next time :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Mornin... Feelin Good

It's so weird. I rarely am happy to be at work on a Monday... it’s usually the most dreaded part of a week. But today I feel great even though I didn’t sleep well last night, but ill get to that later in the post. As I mentioned in my last blog, this was a three day weekend for me. But today is business as usual; full five day work week. Which, again... makes me question my sanity on the fact that I'm happily sitting at my desk right now. So let’s dive in shall we?

Weekend Update:
Friday I had an eyebrow/hair appointment at Della Stella Salon & Spa. I love the way my hair turned out and my eyebrows look fab. While I was there, I offered to hang out with Heidi's (the owner of Della Stella and the person who dose my hair) daughter, Abby (8 yrs old). But I had to run an errand first. So I ran my errand, changed and picked up Abby. We hung around my house for a bit, watched some kiddy shows and then went to the mall where I was in way over my head. I told her that we could ride the teacups at the mall because that was like the only thing she wanted to do, so we did. Bad Choice. I got so sick feeling it was insane! That little girl sure can spin a teacup! Lol. Then we ran back to my house for a bit and hung out until her mom came and picked her up. I was supposed to go to closing night of the Jazz & Blues festival but I was feeling super sick at that point and took a nap. Later on, Casey came by and picked me up to put some food in my stomach. We went to Olive Garden. Long story short... we got a free meal thanks to an ancient server and endless excuses. Afterwards we drove by to say hi to my mom and congratulate her on 10 years of Jazz & Blues. Casey and I then went to Denny's and met up with his friends for a little bit, but I wasn’t feeling great still so we left and came back to my house to relax and watch Hook for a bit before he headed off.
Casey had to work Saturday so I was set in my mind that I wanted to do something superfun. I was down for Disneyland, Universal Studios, The LA Zoo, Alvera Street, the beach... anything. But my little sister and I couldn’t agree on anything so the two of us ran errands all day (which ended up being not so bad). First, we got bagels at Noah's and then ate up at my dad's house. After a good amount of lounging around, I decided I wanted to hit up the tanning salon and Madison decided she wanted her eyebrows waxed. So first we went to my tanning salon and I got my UV fix. Then we drove to Della Stella and Madison got her brows done. Then we decided to run some random errands around town, during which I made a great decision and bought TWILIGHT. Then we went home and relaxed. Casey called about 3:45 saying he was off work early (made my day) and I got ready for the night. He and I went to dinner and then decided we were in a cruising mood. We cruised around town for a bit in his truck and after a while, decided we wanted to relax for a bit and then call it a night. Between the time Casey left my house and the time Casey called me when he got home, I dove into reading TWILIGHT. and got pretty far into it.
Sunday was a great day too. It was fast and testimony meeting and Casey and I went to singles ward. It was great because the two of us (together) hadn't been there in a while. I love sitting in church with Casey. It’s a simple pleasure I thoroughly enjoy. I got a new calling as a member on the Enrichment Board ( I think that’s what its called) I’m in charge of the book club for relief society so ... cool. More reading in the future for me. I’m super excited about this calling and excited to work closely with the women in relief society. Hooray. After church we hung around Break the Fast for a while and headed over to Casey’s house to hang out with his family. Shortly after eating, Casey went upstairs with a bad headache and layed down for a while. While he was resting, I dove right back into reading TWILIGHT and pretty much couldn’t put it down all night. It's been so long since i've enjoyed a good book. Casey even said that he never saw me read and I’m glad he thought it was cool (yet slightly nerdy- but hey... that’s me in a nutshell. hah) we watched our weekly episode of Extreme Makeover Home edition which was such a great episode! They built a home for an Army family and it was so touching. I love this country! I left pretty late but made it home it what felt like no time at all. I got home and got cozy before calling Casey to say goodnight. After we talked on the phone for a few min, I felt my eyes getting heavy and we said goodnight. But after I layed there for a while, I couldn’t sleep so I picked up Twilight again and was up a few more hours. I didn’t go to sleet until like 1:30 and even then, I didn’t want to put the book down but I knew id hate myself in the morning when I was exhausted.

This morning I was pretty tired when I woke up and am amazed I made it to work in one piece but I sat at my desk and read more and then my boss came in and reminded me that last night was a special episode of The Hills and then the VMAs. I had no real desire to watch the VMAs but I did want to watch to see Britney Spears open the show and then see if she won anything. I saw pictures from the VMAs and omigosh... she looked So great... I felt like I was looking a picture from the 1990's when she was fresh and everything. I was kinda sad I missed The Hills [click to watch for your self] but I watched it here and it was a great episode. Best episode of the season I think. But I think this post has been long enough without me going into every detail of the episode... there’s another episode tonight so I’m excited. What I’m not excited for is my ortho appointment after work toady. Getting my braces tightened is never a great experience for me. It’s always the same three teeth that kill me and then nothing happens... they don’t move... nothing. oy. Also, tonight is an event I really want to go to but I don’t think ill be able to make it after my ortho appointment... I’m going to try though. We'll see.

But I think that’s all the excitement I have. This week is expected to be very uneventful. I'm kinda looking forward to that. We'll see. Thanks for sticking with me this far!
See ya next time! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vote McCain & Palin!

Happy Thursday everybody! Today is my Friday. I have tomorrow off and tomorrows a busy day. I'll fill you in during the weekend update on Monday.

The point of this Blog is to discuss something more than just my quiet little life, something much more important. On my way to work today, i couldn't find anything worth wile on FM radio and so i tuned into some AM radio... KFI. They were discussing the Republican Vice President nominee, Sarah Palin, and their opinion on her speech she gave last night. I was not fortunate enough to hear it live (however i was fortunate enough to go to Laurel and Amber's Shade/Bow Party which was great!)

So today at work, i decided i wanted to hear her speech.
I have to say, i am so excited to be a register voter! this is such an important year in America's history. It's no secret that am a proud member of the Republican Party. I love learning about politics and American History and watching history in the making. I once said that i am not ready for a woman (speaking of Hilary Clinton [ew] at the time) to be president. I now know that it was just Hilary I didn't care for... Sarah Palin is going to be a great Vice President. I had chills during her talk and approve of John S. McCain's choice of a running mate. I am going to post her speech... if you have an extra half hour hanging around, i encourage you to watch it. Hearing the bits and pieces from the radio this morning was nothing compared to the messages she gave in the entire thing. I am proud to be an American... and ready to do my duty in November and make the decision to vote for the people who will safely and rightfully guide us through the next four years of America's history. Everyone knows McCain has ton of experience (he himself jokes about how old he is) and Palin is more than qualified. Shes a mother of five (one in the Army who ships out this year on Sept, 11) and has the drive to do the right thing.. the thing the people need... and whats best for the country... not whats best for her career. i am super pumped right now and could go on and on and on about how stoked i am.

But don't take my word for it, watch the speech yourself. I would like to have been there.

Everyone have a great weekend!
See ya next time! :)

"I'm a republican because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to come rescue me" - Huckabee

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 is a lucky number

Hey everyone! Long post ahead of you so sit back, relax and read on!
I'm back at work after a great three day weekend. Three is a lucky number right now... just finished a three day weekend followed by a three day workweek and another three day weekend. Hip, Hip Hooray! This weekend was really nice. Weekend update:

[do you like my art? the special number three! lol]

Friday night I worked the Jazz & Blues festival as Miss Stevenson Ranch. It was fun to be with my queens and to be apart of the group. Then Casey came to pick me up. We were supposed to collect recyclables from the concert afterwards but plans changed and after a bit of stress... Casey and I went out to dinner instead of collecting garbage. I think we got the better deal. :) haha. Then we went to my house and watched TV for a bit.

Saturday I woke up and picked up my little sister (Casey had to work) and we went out to breakfast at Egg Plantation (SO GOOD!). Afterwards, we drove to the Topanga mall ... that was a fun adventure... I didn’t know if I should take the 118 fwy or the 101... my mom suggested the 101 so we took her advice and got caught in really bad traffic and then got off on the wrong Topanga exit... and there were no u turns so we went in a big circle til we were facing the right way and got to the Topanga Promenade... it took us about 15 min in the mall to realize we were in the wrong mall so we got back in my un-air-conditioned car and drove to the right mall. once we were in the mall we navigated our way (with much difficulty) to Pinkberry, H&M, Forever 21 and realized that we would have been better off at our mall... so we drove home but this time took the 118 home and it took us a fraction of the time to get home.

Once I got home from my Topanga mall adventure, we went shopping at our mall for my outfit for the night. After I found what I wanted, I went home and got ready... it was my friend Christina's birthday dinner... so we all went to The Melting Pot in Pasadena which was way cool! Everyone has to go there at least once. After dinner I went home to pick up Madison and then drove to Casey’s house. He got off work really late and was really tired. We hung out for a while before he went to sleep and I drove home.

[Chrissy and I at The Melting Pot! Happy 19th!]

Sunday was Ed and Justin's Farewell talks so Casey and I went to that at 9 am. Afterwards we went back to my house and I made some really yummy Fajita-style scrambled eggs for Madison, Casey and myself. Then we went off to the open house for about twenty minutes and then we had to drive to Casey's family ward for his nephew, Gage's, blessing. Gage is so cute! I just love all of Casey's nieces and nephews so much! Then we all went to Laurel and Cory's house for family dinner. Then Casey and I went back to his house so he could look at my car while the sun was still out. We came to the conclusion that yes, indeed I need to get my AC worked on and yes; indeed I need some new tired. Whoopee! Lol. Then we watched our show and I went home to get some sleep.

[Ed (left) and Justin (right) posing with Walt Disney's star. Two cool guys! RWH! ]

Monday was a day off for me, but Casey had to work. I woke up and got ready and went to Glen Ivy day spa for a "Me Day". I got a massage and a facial. It was so nice and I needed it so much. Then I went home and had some food. Made some cookies and dropped them off to Casey at work. After that, I went to the mall and bought some much needed new jeans and hit up VS and got an Angel's Credit Card. YAY! I went home and got ready and Casey and I went to Don Cuco's for some good food. Then we went back home to watch The Hills! (My guilty pleasure - click the link to watch the episode for yourself)

As much as I still love the show, I was kinda disappointed. The episode seemed really short and Lo and Audrina weren’t even in the episode. It was all about Whitney working in New York and going on a date with this guy, LC breaking it off with Doug. Stephanie gave a peace offering to her brother, Spencer. Spencer and Heidi went out to dinner and Heidi admitted she misses Steph. LC went to dinner with Brody (the two of them need to get married already, I love them together) and they flirted... and that’s about it really. The previews for next week really look good. There’s an episode on Sunday which I’m really looking forward to. So we'll see... old ladies have their soap operas... I got The Hills. :)

So tonight, I'm going to be an old lady and go home after work and relax... maybe go tanning. Weds I’m going to a SHADE party and Bow party at Laurels house. If anyone wants some cute modest clothing, u can go to this party and try on cute clothes and also see some cute bows that laurel makes and buy some for the special little girl in your life! Ask me for details if you want to go. I'll be there. 6:30 pm, tomorrow!
Friday I’m getting my hair done and running a few errands and I really want/need to go to Disneyland this weekend with Casey. We have these passes that expire soon and we really should use them.

I think that’s it... lots of fun this past weekend and it seems like lots more to come. Loving how life’s lookin right now

Hope everyone else had a fun labor day!

See ya next time! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"When it rains, it pours"

That's one of my favorite sayings that my boss and i repeat on a day to day basis here at work. Today has been a bit stressful, to say the least. The big meeting I've been prepping for since Monday is here, and I'm exhausted. I didn't go to bed til after 1:30am (babysitting last night was super easy... the kid was taller than me and wasn't feeling well so he slept in his room almost the whole time) and then woke up at 5:30am, got ready (i burnt my forehead with the curling iron) and headed off to work. On my way, i had to pick up pastries for the first half of the meeting, but of course i get the slow, new, quiet, dumb person who doesn't know anything about donuts or whatever and it took WAY too long just to get a box of donuts. As i got on the freeway i got a voicemail from my boss saying she'll be a little late on getting in to help me set up.. which is fine, i could handle this. On the way into work there was a huge crash that blocked the street my office is in so i had to go all the way around to get to my office. After i finally arrived in, i brought the pastries in and began setting up. everything was going fine until i went to wash the fruit i bought yesterday to go along with the pastries... the water wasn't working. So the guys i work with went to figure out why we have no water in the building... which means the bathrooms aren't working.. great... no bathrooms or water to make the Coffee for probably the most important meeting we've had since I've been with the company. When they went to find the source of the problem... they found that someone had stolen our water piping from the side of the building. Couldn't they have waited til tomorrow so we could get through today firs! jeez. so now we have the plumbers working on the building, we have to send the customers to our facility across the street if they have to use the potty and I'm vastly under rested. ::sigh:: at least i get the leftovers of any food that our guests don't eat today.

After work today I'm going to go tanning (<3), take a nap and then hang out with Casey for a little bit. but I'm already pooped and its not even noon yet! I'm excited for tomorrow because its supposed to be a normal day with nothing special going on whatsoever. i could really use a nap right about now. but writing about the stress really helped. gotta love blogger. lol.

thanks for reading y'all!

See ya next time :)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keeping Busy

Hey everyone! It’s time for my Weekend Update! I don’t have many pictures to go along with this blog …but I’ll to my best to make it more aesthetically pleasing for you.

[random picture on my computer... true statement]

Last week was a short workweek which was nice. I needed the break. I don’t remember what Casey and I did on Thursday, but we called it a night pretty early because Friday was going to be another early day.

Friday morning, Casey worked for a little bit and then when I woke up, I drove and picked up Casey, we rented a car and drove up to a town called Madera (30 miles north of Fresno). Why Madera, you ask? Well, Casey found a truck online that he was interested in getting so we drove up there to look at it... lo and behold, it was perfect. We drove away from Madera with a big new toy and another four hours til we got home. To fully paint the picture, it’s a 2006 F20, 4x4, diesel, charcoal grey, with an 8 inch lift… Whoa Nelly! :) .On the way home, we stopped in Bakersfield for dinner at P. F. Chang's. It would have been better if I hadn’t felt sick and been so tired but it was good nonetheless. Casey dropped me off at my car and I drove home. (Pictures of the new truck to come!)

When I got home from our Madera Journey, I found that my father had put a lamp in my room (previously I had had NO light in my room besides the window), hung up my cabinet and put a picture up. This inspired me to buckle down and clean. So Saturday I spent all day getting my life in order. I had already planned to spend the day putting my car back in working order. But it took me longer than I had hoped to find the pink slip to get all the legal stuff done I had in front of me. So I got a lot done Saturday. I am now (finally) legally driving my car. My room is SO clean and I love it. I didn’t realize how big my room is. My cat hates it though, she likes when I have my laundry on the floor and she can sleep on it. She walks around meowing all sad coz she can’t find her bed but oh well. I finally got the time to clean my room like I’ve been wanting to, and it’s still clean. I think that’s a new record! ::applause::. It only took all day, I worked up a good sweat too. Afterwards, Casey and I went to dinner and came back to watch the movie 21... (Good flick)

Sunday was a baby blessing. After that I went home and took a nap and then went to Casey’s house for some family dinner and bonding time. It was as fun as always.

Yesterday I left work early because I wasn’t feeling great... I got home at about 3:40 and fell asleep. I woke up in time for dinner with Casey and to watch The Hills and then go back to sleep. Today I'm not feeling much better but I've gotten a ton of work done today and I still have a ton more to do. Tomorrow is a huge meeting here I have to prep for. Tonight I’m babysitting for my mom's friend... hooray for extra cash! Thursday I have nothing on the agenda... probably relax and regroup from my nonstop week so far. Friday is the Jazz and Blues Festival outside the Hyatt. I will be working it as Miss Stevenson Ranch. Saturday I will be doing my recycling and maybe some more volunteer work. Saturday night I’m going out to dinner for my friend’s birthday and Sunday I have two farewells (same ward) and Gage’s baby blessing (sorry Singles Ward… I’ll be back the following week!). Phew… that’s a lot going on in one week. I have some more fun stuff in the works for the next few months… but the plans aren’t developed enough yet to spew on my blog.

I am still working on that recipe book of mine… its mango week on Our Best Bites and I’ve got this super yummy looking recipe I want to try out, but Casey’s not too excited about it. I think I have to just buckle down and make it… I’m sure he’ll like it. You should check it out on their blog. I think that’s all on my end. Thanks for stopping by!

[mommy & me at the mother daughter pageant luncheon]

See ya next time! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Happies Place on Earth! <3

Happy Monday everyone! It's time for the weekend update!

Friday was a workday (this Friday is a day off). But i got to get off at 3:30 as opposed to 4 because my boss had a funeral to go to and i didn't get a lunch break. So i headed over to the Northridge mall to do a little shopping for something to wear on Saturday. I found a rare pare of jean shorts that i actually like (the rare part being that they look good on me and fit right and weren't ridiculously expensive. hooray!) From there i went tanning, went to target and picked up two shirts (same shirt, different color) and one of those tapes that plug into an iPod so i can listen to my iPod in my car. From there i went home, got ready and went to dinner with Casey at Claim Jumper. I was craving an artichoke and that's what i got. Sooo good ! After dinner, we hung out for a little bit and called it a night earlier than usual to prepare for the long day ahead.

Saturday my alarm went off at 5:30am. (earlier than i ever am awake even on a workday). I took a shower and called Casey at 6am to wake him up. One hour later we were on our way to the Happiest Place on Earth... DISNEYLAND! We got there right around 8 am and went to City Hall to get our Anniversary Pin Buttons. Every time a Disney Cast member saw us, they wished us a happy anniversary. After we got our pins, we went to get a locker and as we entered the locker room, some more cast members (Members of the Dream Team) gave us rare Dream Fast Passes. They randomly pick people to give these to as part of their Year of A Million Dreams promotion. They allowed us to cut in line to every ride in Disneyland and CA adventure!

[the dream fast passes. :)]

It was way neat. So we headed on the rides but our first two attempts didn't go well. We wanted to go on Indiana Jones first... when we got to it, it was closed so we got some fruit for breakfast and sat and ate... as we ate, it opened up again and we got in line (didn't wanna use our fast passes yet... we wanted to go on it a second time later when it was busier and use the fast passes) but as we waited in line... it broke down and we went to go on Jungle Cruise... as we got on... they had to back us up and told us to get off because the sprinklers in the back were going off getting everyone wet... so two tries and no ride yet. so we went on the Pirates ride... and Haunted mansion and so on and so fourth. We finished up on the Disneyland Side around 2pm and went over to CA adventure.

We went on the Soarin' Over CA ride (LOVE IT!) and the CA screamin... it was fun but they have speakers between the two seats on the roller coaster and it was WAY too loud. after that we went on this one called Mullhulland Madness... worst ride ever. literally gives u whiplash... not fun... i don't get who's idea it was... and why they thought it'd be enjoyable. We toured a tortilla factory and a bakery and got free food at the end of the tour (who doesn't love free food) We did some other stuff there and went back to Disneyland to change and get ready for dinner. After i changed my clothes, we were still ahead of schedule so we spent some time looking at the shops and saw some awesome collectors pieces that i want to own some day. After we had stalled long enough, we headed to Blue Bayou for our reservations. we were still early but figured, "what the heck" and checked in early. I double checked to make sure we were still listed as premier water seats. and they said we had to request it in person and that the wait would be 45-60 min.... so we told them that we'd play it by ear. 10-15 min later... we were sitting in a beautiful spot near the water... it was so nice! Dinner was amazing and company wasn't bad either ;).

At the end of the dinner, a lady walked over to us and gave us tickets for premium seats to the Fantasmic show at 10:30. They said they has purchased the tickets and were too tired and no longer wanted to go...The tickets were 2/25 tickets sold for those types of seats and dessert and drinks were included! After dinner we ran to CA Adventure for the Electric Parade ... one of my favorite moments of the day.

After the electric parade we ran BACK to Disneyland for the fireworks... which were as amazing as last time...even though we weren't in a prime viewing spot like last time. After the fireworks we jetted through the crazy crowds to New Orleans square to the Fantasmic seats and the show was amazing. Previously, we had planned on staying from open to close but after Fantasmic, we were pretty pooped and decided to go home. But it was the best Disneyland Day a Disney Freak like myself could ask for.

<<<-the yummy dessert tray.

**video wouldnt upload... i will try to post it tomorrow**

Sunday was a quiet day. My legs and feet were screamin in pain from 17 hours on the go. I woke up around 11, went to breakfast with my dad (i know...bad Kendell) and then went back home and passed out til 4pm. Casey called and woke me up and that was my cue to get up and go over for dinner and time with the fam. I headed over and saw the Evans for a while and Casey and i went upstairs to look at stuff about trucks for him to buy. Then we watched our show.. which was a 2 hour special of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Then he sent me home.

Last night i slept at my mom's house because she wasn't going to be driving home... too tired. I went to sleep and had a nightmare of being chased by someone who was a mix of the Joker from the Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger) and LeatherFace (never seen the LeatherFace movies though). I woke up after the nightmare at like 2 am thinking someone/something was in t he house and i couldn't stop panicking! it was freaky.. finally i was able to calm down enough to go back to sleep. I hate when that happens.

Now here i am at work. Today was a little busy to start... but its shaping up to be not too shabby... tonight... ::trumpets and drum roll:: IS THE SEASON PREMIER OF THE HILLS! hooray! I'm beyond excited. I'll be blogging on how much i love the ep tomorrow... no doubt. This week is my short workweek. No work on Friday.

I'm supposed to be going on a trip to Utah this Thursday. But I'm not sure on the status of that... we'll see how that progresses. And i still have two more days at Disneyland on that pass i bought for Saturday. Lots of fun contained in one little (long) blog... glad to see you made it this far. :)

There will be more to report later in the week after i watch the hills... until then...
[more random pics from Disneyland: Me and Mickey Mouse, Casey and I outside Club 33, Casey and i in front of the castle, me losing miserably at the Buzz Lightyear game. :)]

See ya Next time! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a Slacker

Hey everyone!

I know I've been slacking on the Blog posts lately. I kinda don't know where to begin ...but I'll do my best.

Today is my dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I've always been Daddy's Little Girl. He's such a great father. He does so much for his children. He's funny and i know how much he loves me. Dad, i hope your birthday is amazing!

[picture of daddy and me at the SD Wild Animal Park]

Monday we celebrated Casey's Sister-in-law, Laurel's, birthday. it was fun to be with the whole family and of course, eat the traditional birthday cake. (So Good!). Happy (Late) Birthday Laurel!

Oh...Remember the post i made about how i could have gotten a ticket because i got my picture taken by one of those stupid Red Light Cameras... well the ticket came into the mail just the other day... my loving boyfriend didn't want to tell me... but i made him tell me how much its going to cost...any guesses?? $381!!!! I think that's a rip off. but whatever. that means my insurance is going to go up. I got a ticket around Christmas time ... and i deserved it, i was speeding. But since then, I've gotten really good at obeying all the rules. This time... i had to make a decision on weather to stop or not when that light turned yellow. I felt like i couldn't safely slow down ... so i went. obviously that was a bad call. oh well. what can ya do right? Casey's great. when i found out i DID get a ticket... i was pretty upset. And being the amazing boyfriend he is, he calmed me down and made me feel better about myself. :) Thanks Casey!

On a better note:
Saturday is Disneyland. I have to say, its all i can think about... I'm pretty excited. I still have to buy a new outfit for the day. We have reservations at the restaurant, Blue Bayou (the one inside the Pirates ride) That day is also Casey and my one year anniversary (hence the reason we're going to Disneyland). I cannot believe it has been a whole year already. I gotta say... its been a pretty amazing year. I've been spending a lot of time looking back on all the cool experiences Casey and i have shared. He's such a great guy! I'm such a lucky girl to have been able to find a cool guy like Casey. :)

[Casey and i the first time we went to Disneyland together. Feb 08]

Tomorrow's Friday. TGI(almost)Friday. And the day my loan for a new car expires. i decided not to get a new car... i figured, my cars still working fine. After i register it and get the AC fixed... it'll be fine to drive for a while more. It'll be nice not having a car payment for a while. I took the opportunity to get it cleaned and clean out the inside... which was nice because i don't hate it now that its clean. hahah. i just gotta keep it clean and looking semi-nice... and I'll be fine. lol. doesn't mean i still don't want a Jeep... just not now... someday! :)

anyways. back to work.

Thanks for reading
See ya next time :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eventful Monday...

Yesterday was surprisingly eventful... i would rather it had been boring and quiet.... but whatever. heres the scoop:

Balboa was backed up from the off ramp of balboa all the way to the end of balboa. The usual 20-25 min drive took me 2 and a half hours! (Note: My car does not have AC and i left work early because i wasn't feeling well and was excited to get home for sleep.) But my amazing dad totally stepped up to the plate. I called him while i was in the middle of traffic and begged him to turn the AC on so when i came home i would be in heaven compared to the blistering heat i as stuck in at the moment. Well, to my surprise, when i came home i was welcomed with slightly frozen Coke (my favorite way to drink coke) and a wet rag that he had put in the freezer. it was so nice to eel cold. Thanks Dad! :) After getting rested he cooked an amazing Fillet dinner. mmmm. so good. Then i went over to Casey's house and we hung out an then got in the spa for a little. then i headed home and went to sleep. I may have gotten a ticket last night... that would suck but its quite possible. i was heading home from Casey's and the light to turn left from Valencia Blvd to McBean had just turned green so i sped up to go that way instead of strait. well the second i got up to the light it turned yellow but at that point i couldnt slow down or i would end up IN the intersection anyway so i kept going and got my picture taken three times along with the guy ahead of me. so i guess we'll have to see what comes of that. I was so glad to get into my bed last night! lol.

[picture of my sisters and i walking at the San Diego Wild animal park this spring]

to end the post... Melissa tagged me with this mini survey... so I'm officially obligated to do it.

Six words to describe my family.
1- crazy
2- random
3- busy
4- funny
5- smart
6- did i mention crazy? lol

I now tag: Aly & Jessica K

[picture of my little her]

:) See ya next time

Monday, August 4, 2008

August is here!

The busiest month I've had in a while is here, and it all started with this last weekend. Here we go....
Friday after work, Casey and i looked at cars for me and had dinner.
Saturday Casey sold his car (yes that's right... its gone :( ). It was probably the weirdest feeling watching someone else drive it away and it was pretty sad too. Not going to lie... i almost cried. i love that car. But now Casey and i have the exciting task of finding a new one for him. YAY. lol. After the whole car fiasco, Casey and i headed to Littlerock to finish up some work he had to do. It was fun going to work with Casey. He said it felt like "bring your daughter to work day" but instead he brought me. lol. Once we finished the work, we had to rush home and change and go to Betty and Chris' wedding reception! it was so pretty. Betty looked amazing. I hope they're having a blast in Florida on their honeymoon! After the wedding we went looking at cars in the valley and didn't find much of anything. On the way home we realized it was almost ten and we hadn't had dinner yet so we went to Outback for a celebratory dinner (in honor of the Trans Am). Casey had the world's best fillet and i had the worlds best mac n cheese. Then we hung out for a while and i fell asleep.

[In loving memory of the ws6 Trans Am <3]

Sunday, Casey and i both weren't feeling great . He slept through church and I woke up about 2:45. It was much needed sleep, but it stinks sleeping through church. Once i woke up and got ready i headed to Casey's for dinner and the usual. Casey said he found a car online but it was in Costa Mesa... field trip! lol. Casey, his brother and myself headed out there. It looked like we were about to buy it but then one thing lead to another .... and we drove away empty handed. Once we got back to Casey's, we hung around for a bit and then i had to go home and sleep for work today...

and here i am... work. yay :(. I have a case of the Monday's. And my stomach still doesn't feel right from Saturday night/Sunday morning. i don't know what it is. boooo...

anyways... busy month:

Next weekend i have another wedding to go to

The next weekend is my dad's birthday and Casey and I are going to Disneyland for our 1 year anniversary

The weekend after that I'm going to Utah with my dad for his birthday

and then its September. whoa! this month is going to fly by! lets hope the weekdays fly by as well lol. guess its time for me to get back to work huh? :)

See ya next time :)