Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fa La La La La, La La La Laaa


it is officially time to start wearing your Christmas swag and sing Christmas carols and start....

but I'm getting ahead of myself... i need to go in chronological order.

My Thanksgiving started on Wednesday... I woke up Wednesday morning feeling horrible. I had been getting migraines like no ones business and they were BAD. I was late to my first shift at Sunshine and missed both of my classes that day. I rested a bit and felt kinda better for my closing shift at Sunshine. I had to be there... it was the annual Sunshine Thanksgiving Feast where the whole site gets together in one room and we all feast and are thankful together. It was really great...minus the light sensitivity, nausea, and pounding head. I made it through the shift, went home and Casey took me strait to the doctor. A little over one hour later, my migraine was going away... with one down side... my sore rear end... Casey convinced me to take the option of getting a shot of medicine in the rear to make the migraine go away...and I'm thankful i did...because it was the first relief i had gotten in a long time. As we drove home, Casey and i talked about the things we were thankful for right then and there...

-My husband : supporting me the whole time, knowing how much i HATE doctors
-Having health insurance so we could actually get me the help i needed. and most importantly, not having to sit in First Care for 4 hours.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home for some supplies to make the dessert i volunteered to bring to the Evans' Thanksgiving. Without the shot, there's no way i could have contributed that. What did i contribute u ask? Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks... it was an experiment...that turned out really well...if i say so myself. i will have to make more ... u know... so i can post pictures of them... eating them is just a bonus :)

The next morning i woke up and i felt another migraine coming on. The doctor prescribed this dissolving medication to take at the start of an episode...and i did... and YET AGAIN another reason to be thankful for.

After Round 1, we headed to The Shepherd's house for another feast. Then i got to see Madison, Garrett, Julie, My cousins, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents and more... oh yah..and My Dad! (another reason to be thankful). I enjoyed being there with everyone.

After Round 2, we headed back to the Casey's parents house for Round 3...and the dipped pretzel sticks. We chatted, ate more, and watched Home Alone.

This was such a great thanksgiving. On top of all the things that make me grateful every day...most importantly, i am thankful for my large family... and their company, support and love!

Yesterday (Black Friday) I went to the Americana with my dad and Madison and got some shopping in, sat on Santa's Lap and had a great day. The crowds weren't bad at all and we found some good deals. Good Daddy/Daughter Day :)

On a different note... The Twilight Saga: New Moon came out...and of course, i saw it opening night. Casey earned HUGE bonus points for diving to Universal Studios after his class (and even though i know he REALLY didn't want to) to stand in line with myself and some of my friends and then stay there till about 3 30 am (that's when we got out of the movie). But it was So worth it :) [Below is a picture of all the girls who saw New Moon opening night.]

Oh. also, last weekend I got invited to see Beethoven's 1st and 3rd Symphonies in Long Beach with my friend Christina. I was weary at first but I'm so glad i went. Classical music is NOT so boring and is Really good! I enjoyed dressing up and getting cultured. I meant to take more pictures but the only one i ended up with is one from the place we had dinner before the show.

I have a busy month ahead so more pictures and posts to come! Stay Tuned and Happy Holidays :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thats My Man!

So quick story of the day

This morning Casey and I had a bunch of plans, get breakfast, go to the temple, come home, and spend some time together... and then... the story starts:

I got up a little bit late... but still with enough time to do everything planned for the day. It's freezing in our house, especially in the mornings. (comes in very useful in the summer and its so nice and cool in here) so i have a space heater on while i get ready. I was blow-drying my hair when all of a sudden the blow dryer stopped and my feet suddenly got very cold... i blew a fuse! dang-it!

Thank goodness my super helpful hubby went strait to the back yard to flip the switch back on. He was outside for probably 2, maybe 3, minutes. Then he came back in and we both continued getting ready. We were RIGHT on time for the day when i realized, i haven't seen my dear kitty, Lucy in a while. I go wandering around the house to see where shes at. Then i check under the bed, in the garage, and in all of her usual hiding places... PANIC... shes not in the house! My kitty is missing! I run out to the front yard calling her name...nothing... i look out the back door, nothing... double, triple check all the usual spot... nothing. I return outside and walk further into the back yard. I call her name for like... 5 minutes with nothing... she HAS to be outside. Finally i hear something... its definitely her cry (she has a very distinctive "voice") but its far away. I keep calling her... a few minutes later, another MEOW but i don't see her... I yell for Casey... He comes outside and i say, shes outside!

Hes out there for maybe 30 seconds and he quickly spots her... way up high, in the big tree in our backyard!

For the next forty-five minutes we scramble to get her out. I try coaxing her... tempting her with food... she's enjoying herself in the tree. Finally Casey gets a broom and gets her down with that. By that time it was too late to do certain things for the day so we regrouped and went to Lunch (no breakfast...thanks Lucy). And ran some errands.

Thank You to my Hubby who, though she was being really annoying and i know he was tempted to let her stay out there, got my crazy cat Lucy out of the tree! :)