Tuesday, July 29, 2008

shake it off....earthquake!

Okkkayyy. so for those who have no idea whats going on.... we just experienced a classic CA earthquake.. and im still shaking. but hey... i can announce who the bride-to-be is now...

my dearly loved friend... Stephanie Packer.. aka bebe.... shes the futre Mrs. Pettit! congrats guys! im super excited. The date... December 27th, 2008!

Back to the earthquake though... funny story: we were suposed to have a safety procedure meeting today at 10:30 and it got cancelled. if we had had the meeting.. we wouldhave had the earthquake while we were in the meeting. and the first page of the packet for the meeting says earthquake on it in big bold letters on the top. hahah great!

so now that im kinda/sorta starting to calm down.... lol.

hopefully i wont have a reason to post again... cross ur fingers for no more shaking. gahhh

Oh, how I love Auditors...

Good morning everyone!
Over the weekend, I didn't do too much. But here's the weekend update nonetheless.

Friday night Casey, Myself, Justin and his girlfriend Katie went to Dockweiler Beach by LAX for a bonfire and some s'mores action. It was pretty fun. I love the beach and Casey and I went there for a single's ward activity almost a year ago, when we had first begun dating. It was nice to be there a year later. Pretty romantic :) Anyways...

Saturday, Casey had to work. I spent the morning cleaning the house. After, I went to brunch with Tiffany, my friend from high school and then the two of us went to Barnes & Noble and picked up some books. I decided to get proactive about my future and start moving forward in my hopes on becoming a wedding planner. (Not to mention that one of my super close friends told me that she's getting married in December (YAY for her...) so I picked up two wedding planning books. I love her color choices and her boy is super nice. I’m happy for the two of you. I'll announce names once she says I can... but until then... congrats mystery woman! :)

Sunday I went to church at my Family ward for my friend Blake's farewell and to see my friend Elizabeth. (love you). It was so nice to reconnect. And I’m so excited for Blake; he’s going to be a great missionary. It's weird because almost all of the guys I grew up with have gotten their mission calls and are preparing to leave in the next few months. Blake leaves tomorrow... God Speed Elder! He's going to Albuquerque. Supercool! After that ward I went to the open house for about a half hour and then jetted over to singles ward. Following that, I headed to Casey’s house and did the usual Sunday thing. :)

[Picture of me and some friends when we were little. From Left to Right, Blake, Todd, Myself, Brett, Chase]

Yesterday, at work, I spent most of the day reading the bigger of the two books I bought. I'm a little more than halfway done already. There's a lot of information I never would have even thought of. Being a wedding planner is going to be a ton of work. But I like planning things, and since I was little, I've always had a thing for weddings... so we'll see. After work, Casey came over and he was SO sweet and brought me salad from the Habit. After that, I got tired of sitting around so he and I got up and went for a LONG walk from my house, down to Golden Spoon where Casey was disappointed by his first experience there then back around to my house... one big circle... and needless to say, my legs are sore today!

Today is another day at the office but we have a security auditor coming in... Which means a lot of questions for me... I run the security desk. Wish me luck. This is our third audit on the company in two months. ughhh. why! They have all been on different departments... but its frustrating.. Everyone gets all nervous and on edge when there’s an auditor here. Oh, well... gotta love work! :)

The rest of my month is planned out by weekends. This weekend, I have a wedding. The following weekend... another wedding. The weekend after that... Disneyland with Casey for our 1 year anniversary.(cannot believe its been a year already! <3) The next weekend... Utah with Daddy for his birthday. Fun fun fun!

Oh ps: I tried to make a recipe from the book over the weekend... i burned the cheesecake tarts by five min! ill do a rematch this weekend! lol.

I think that’s all folks...

See ya next time :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Future Domestic Goddess?

I'm sitting here at my desk feeling very proud of myself at the moment. Yesterday I snagged some fun/easy/yummy sounding recipes from the net and typed them up nicely and printed them out. Last night i ran to target and bought a cute pinkish binder and some fun sticker lettering and other scrapbook decorations and some paper slip covers..... and wah lah... by 8am this morning i have (finally) started my recipe book! i am going to learn to cook. I divided it into two sections. Things i can make and stuff to try. right now everything is in the stuff to try section but i really want to move stuff into the Things I Can Make category. :)

SO: If anyone has any recipes they'd like to share with me, let me know. I'm so excited to become someone who's comfortable in the kitchen and a decent cooking person. hahah.

Anyways... today is the end of my workweek. For those who didn't know, i work on whats called a 9/80 schedule. Meaning: 9 days, 80 hours. So one week i work Mon-Thurs 9 hour shifts. Then Friday an 8 hr shift. The following week i work Mon-Thurs 9 hour shifts and have Friday off. So tomorrow i don't work and i am SO ready for a resting day. I am STILL in pain from the stupid orthodontist appointment i had on Monday.... and i still cant really eat solid foods without it hurting.

Last night was nice, however. Casey and I went to CoCo's for dinner. I was planning on just getting the Cream of Broccoli soup but when i saw the spaghetti on the Club 55 page, i had to get it. It was something that was soft enough and skinny enough that i didn't have to chew it. finally solid food! lol. So i had Spaghetti and soup and Casey told me that as soon as i finished eating, i had color in my face... apparently i wasn't looking so great last night. After dinner, we went back to my house and went to the spa. We weren't there long before I was getting tired and my face was hurting again so we went back to my house and watched America's Funnies Home Videos. I can't believe that shows still running.. but it looks NOTHING like the way it did when i fell in love with it.

I probably won't post again until Monday when i do the Weekend Update. Until then...

[picture of me and my friend chrissy after the photoshoot 7/19/08 and annother picture from the shoot. maybe one more to come]

See ya next time :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Round 2

More pictures have been released from my shoot. I'll post them at the end of my blog.

Yesterday was a fun day with Casey. I love how we can do almost nothing and yet feel like i had a very fulfilling evening. I wasn't feeling great at work, I left a little bit early. Then went home to my moms house and took a 3 hour nap. (very rare in my life) I woke up around 8pm and called Casey to find that he had been trying to get a hold of me and that he had just left his house and was on his way to mine (phew that was a long sentence. lol). I got ready and he came over. when he got there my spirits went through the roof. I mean, I'm always happy to see him, but yesterday was one of those days where I realize what an amazing guy he is and get butterflies every time I see his blue eyes! We watched TV for a while. Then we made his facebook page (finally) and looked at the pictures from my shoot. After that, we drove through Del Taco and parked while he ate (i still can barely eat anything without it hurting). We laughed and talked and had a grand time! He is such an amazing boyfriend... and an amazing person. Afterwards, we went back to my house (it was like 10:20pm) and I still wasn't tired thanks to my 3 hour nap. So we watched part of Elf (Love that movie). When I started to get sleepy I sent him home. (about 11:30). He called a little after midnight to tell me he had gotten home and to say our goodnights. Man, i love that boy! Woke up this morning before my alarm clock well rested. loving it.

Quick note, my friend Aly showed me this blog that i had to ad to my favorites. Its called Our Best Bites. Check it out! It's all about cooking simple things. I'm super excited to try out the recipes! :)

Anyways, corporate is here today so I'm off.
See ya next time.. here are those pictures i promised :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sho' Me Yo' Grill! lol

Hey everyone. I have some pictures to show from my photo shoot on Saturday. more to come. But here's the update.

Sunday was church where i got to see Brittany C and Brit L! (yay). Then on the way home i got assaulted by three ghetto ladies who almost hit my car and then flipped ME off like it was my fault that they did something stupid. And then yelled at me when we came to a red light. lol. anyways after that it was dinner with the Evans' and spa time with Casey and then i went home to sleep.

Yesterday was Monday... pretty lame if you ask me. Worked and then had to go to the orthodontist to get my braces tightened. Then i went home and made dinner for Casey and me. I made hot dogs, baked potatoes and salad. Then we watched TV and waited for my grandparents to call. I talked to my grandma about me getting a new car and stuff. (didn't go too well). Casey and i went for a walk and i started to feel the pains of the braces. we chatted and hung out for a while then i had to send him home. Too much pain and i was pretty dang worn out. so we said our goodnights and he went on his way.

Today i woke up in the worst pain. my face was killing me! then i accidentally let my top teeth touch my bottom teeth and i thought i was dead. it hurt so bad. I went to Jamba Juice on my way to work and here i am. my face still hurts and I'm pretty dang tired still. i think I'm just exhausted from the pain. but it'll pass. its worth it for normal teeth. lol. I'm going to leave here a little early and try to get a nap in today. But I'm so excited because pictures from the shoot are started to be posted from the photographer. they are SO cool looking (if i may say so myself).

my personal favorite is the second one. there are more to come. i did one more outfit. so we'll see which ones he puts up. if you want to see more, check out my myspace, the photographer's myspace or my facebook.
See you next time! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Strike a Pose

Good Morning Everyone!

Just blogging about my "modeling" experience yesterday. The day started when i got my hair done at Della Stella by Heather. It looked amazing! My friend Christina came and we had a blast. The photographer, Thomas Revery, is amazing. he's so good at what he does. and he did a great job of making me feel comfortable. I'm no model, but he was able to get some amazing shots from me. The weather was beautiful. It was great fun when we had to venture through sand and water to get to a spot to get the shot. but it was worth it. The weather was pretty but got cold as soon as i hit the water. After all the fun in the sun with the camera, Chrissy, Thomas and I went to dinner at the Rusty Pelican. The food was so good. i had calamari and scallops (mmmm). it was beautiful and we had a beautiful view of the ocean while we ate, but it was a little pricier than i had expected. Got home and pretty much passed out. Casey came over but i feel horrible (sorry case) because i was pretty dead last night. The pictures wont be up for at least a week. ill let you know when they're posted and I'll probably post a few of my favs here. but you'll be able to see them on my myspace page for sure, maybe on my facebook and on Thomas Revery's Myspace.

Today is church. I'm still feeling pretty worn from yesterday. My neck and back are killing me, but the shots will be awesome so who cares. Maybe ill wake up and get some energy after i get ready, we'll see.

I'll keep u posted as to when the pictures from yesterday will be posted. :)

See you next time.

<3: K

Friday, July 18, 2008


Happy Friday everyone!

I'm excited for this weekend. Tonight I'm getting my hair colored. (Yay!) A Special "Thank You" goes out to Heidi, the owner of Della Stella Salon & Spa, for squeezing me in tonight. She is great at what she does and her salon is super fab. And another thank you to Heather from Della Stella who is doing my hair tomorrow morning for my photo shoot. Check out their myspace!
There will also be pics from my photo shoot there as soon as they are available as well as at Thomas Revery's Myspace.

[picture of Della Stella]

Anyways. Enough shameless plugs.

On Wednesday i got approved for a car loan and now i have 30 days (until august 15th) to figure out what car I'm going to get and how I'm going to approach the loan. I'm super excited that i went out and started this all on my own. the cars I'm aiming for are a VW Jetta, a Jeep grand Cherokee, or a cute 4 door car. i guess I'm not too picky. i have to think its cute and it has to be the right color. and I'm buying a used car so it has to have low miles. so I'm excited for that. look forward to updates on that new page of my life.

Casey says he probably will be working all weekend so besides the photo shoot i probably don't have much going on except i know my friend Brittany comes home from Idaho this weekend so that's exciting. looking forward to seeing her again. Feels like its been forever.

[picture of me and Brit after graduation 2007]

Not much else to report. Guess it's time for my lunch break. Today it's avacado and tomoatoes with ranch. See ya next time!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love to see the temple <3

Last night was the best anniversary ever.

Casey and I had a picnic at the LA temple and then walked the grounds. it was the most simple anniversary we've ever had but also, I've never felt so close to him. it was an amazing evening. That is an amazing place, even if you aren't Mormon. It’s SO beautiful and peaceful. We watched the sunset on the back of the temple. (the side married couples walk out of) and then we sat and looked at the moon at the front end of the temple and watched the temple workers all leave. The bench we were sitting on had a speaker playing church hymns and right when we sat down, our favorite hymn... Come thou Fount, came on. It was amazing how you don't need to go in the temple to feel the spirit. I cannot wait to visit again. Cool story: We were nearing the end of the evening and Casey and i had to use the restroom but the visitors center is closed for remodel so the only other one we knew of was inside the temple and we couldn't go in. So we saw a gentleman walking from the back of the grounds (the apartments behind the visitors center). I asked him if there was a restroom around that we could use. He walked ALL the way back to the apartments and told us that they had converted two apartments into restrooms, one for the women's and one for the men's. During the stroll back there we found out that he was one of the sealers in the temple (one of the people that marries people). And then as we walked out of the apartments the view of the temple was so amazing. i couldn't imagine how wonderful it must be to live there and have that view anytime you wanted to go anywhere.
anyways. long story short. last night was amazing.

[picture of Los Angeles Temple]

I love Casey with all my heart, and last night just brought us even closer. I can’t believe it’s been eleven months already. I know, eleven months is random. But it sure has been an awesome eleven months

[picture of us at the Water World show at Universal Studios sometime in May]

Saturday is my photo shoot with Revery Film Productions. I am so excited. He told me his vision for the shoot and i am so jazzed. I'm not going to spill the beans, but all i can say is that its going to be cool. Ad him ( on myspace ) and see some of his work. and coming soon you'll see mine! :) YAY. lol. but the work day is about to begin so y'all have a great one! see ya next time! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hello Again!

Hey there again! Second post. I like this blogging thing.
I have a feeling the rest of my posts will be a lot shorter than the first one... you're welcome.

I just got off the phone with my older sister. She had just gotten out of the dentist. i am so happy i called her right then because it was probably the funniest thing I've ever heard. :) [love you whit] I really really want to go to Utah to visit her. and go to important places in the church, like the beehive house.

I've felt really close to the church lately, which is good because times are hard. I feel like my testimony has grown a lot in the past month or so and i think that my testimony growing is a special blessing because i don't know how i could stay sane the way the world is without faith in knowing that i have Christ on my side. Yesterday i was playing on Google because i was bored. (this idea was inspired from my friend Jessica who also has a desk job). I googled "random facts" and read some funny stuff. Then i decided i wanted to read some of those funny facts about Mormons... u know the ones that are like "Mormons have horns" and stuff like that. I always thought it was funny hearing people's assumptions about Mormons. But what i found was really cruel and totally false. i do NOT suggest anyone googling that. if you want to know anything about the church, stick to LDS.org. It left me with a really bad feeling inside. Some innocent person wants to know more about the Mormon church, so they check the worlds best search engine. Instead of finding facts that can lead them to make their own decision, they find these horrible lists that literally make the people think that Mormons hate everyone and think that everyone in the world besides Mormon's are going to hell. I talked to Casey about it last night and we were talking about how obvious it is that that is Satan's doing. Someone wants to know more about the church and is stopped by lies and is not given the chance to make their own decision about it. thank goodness for missionary work.

It Really Happened

Yesterday was a day that seemed centered around financial discussions. (not something i love talking about). While i love talking politics and stuff [vote republican ;) ], as soon as it turns to how horrible the economy is and blah blah blah, its pretty depressing. So today i am swearing off any talk of money.

Today's focus is the photo shoot i have coming up this weekend. and How my 11 month anniversary with Casey is tomorrow. (i know... 11 months is a random thing to be excited for. but I'm excited for every day i spend with him). And i'm also getting excited about getting healthy. I go for walks on all my breaks and im trying really hard to drink lots of water and yesterday i went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of salad supplies so i can make healthy lunches every day instead of drivethrough some lame place and eat my weight in grease (oh how i love del taco). lol. If anyone has any tips on other ways to get healthy, let me know. I'm all for it.

Lately i've been thinking about what it is i want to do with the rest of my life. I want to do something that i can do from home once i have children and still devote time to them. I was thinking about being an event planner. I really have a passion for it. I need some more experience in it. Ive done a few things and would love to do a bunch more. I will do any event for anyone that reads my blog for free! (as long as they let me take pictures to put in my portfolio). So if anyone has anything that needs to be planned... or u know someone who has a wedding, birthday party, company picnic or what-have-you, ill do it! pass the word along!

[picture from ccompany picnic i planned end of june of this year]

I have a lot of fun things to look forward to, which means u have a ton of things to look forward to reading about.

See you next time! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Blog!

Hey everyone. I'm going to try this whole blog thing on for size. As of right now, I don't have too much going on, but I have a long life ahead of me and who knows, I might actually have something interesting to put up here someday! :) Until then, I'll start with the basics.

My name is Kendell Wrae (you should already know that). Wrae is not my last name, it is my middle but I go by that a lot of the time. I work full time at an aerospace company in Chatsworth as the Front Office Administrator. It's nothing special, and its not permanent, but for now it's money. (Sure does give me a lot of time on the computer though). On April 20th, i was crowned Miss Stevenson Ranch. I have a passion for event planning and sign language. And I like to think of myself as technology savvy. I'm pretty optimistic and easy going and I have a great life and great people in my life.
[picture of me at Connie's Wedding in May of this year]

[Picture of me as Miss Stevenson Ranch 2008]

I love my family. I have three siblings. Garrett is my older brother (check out his blog, garrettmyler.com). He's pretty dang smart if you ask me and has very strong opinions. I have an older sister whom I look up to very much. Her name is Whitney, she's beautiful and smart and strong. She works very hard at her job in Utah and I miss her very, very much! Then there's the baby, Madison. She's in high school and she keeps me on my toes. She's a crack up and also very smart. She is the total oposite of me physically, she's tall, dark hair, dark(er) skin, brown eyes and very skinny. I love my siblings and my parents very much. They are divorced and both are on the prowl! lol.

Aside from my immediate family, there is the Evans family that I also love very much. They feel like family to me. My boyfriend, Casey Evans, is probably the closest person i have in my life. Casey and I have been together for almost a year now. Our first date was August 16, 2007. We spend pretty much every day together and I couldn't imagine life any other way! He means the world to me and we have so much fun together. His family is SO cool and I have a blast every time I spend time with them. [Picture is from our 9 month anniversary dinner at the 94th Aero Squadron, where we had our first date]

I also have a myspace and a facebook account. So now everyone can keep in touch! That's all my history.. Now for current events! :) (www.myspace.com/blondewrae)

Just recently i returned from a trip with Caseys family and a few other families to Lake Powell. (There are a ton of pictures up on my Myspace page) We spent the 4th there and between all the people, food, boating activities, sea doos and what-have-you, it was a blast. It's good to be home and life is almost back to buisness as usual.

My car broke down this weekend. Before I left for lake Powell, my car was in pretty bad shape. When i got back, i took it to the mechanic to have a valve replaced. I got it back that day. The next day i went to work and the car was running great. Then i went tanning and on the way home i heard a loud clanking noise in the enginge and i decided to pull over to see what it was and as i turned off the road i learned that my steering had gone out. Greeeeaat! I was ticked. i had it towed back to the mechanic (with the help of my two favorite men!). I got it back Friday afternoon. Now my AC isnt working anymore. I think its time for a new car. :)

Friday night Casey and I had a date night. It had been forever since he and i had gone out to dinner together. We went to one of our favorite places, Red Lobster and ate some good ol crab legs! Then we went back to my house and relaxed. <3 he is amazing

Saturday I went to Santee Ally Downtown with Lauren (Casey's Sister-In-Law), her son Maverick and our friend, Ally. It was a definite culture shock for me but a ton of fun. I got some cool stuff. But I'll never tell if what i have is fake or real :). lol. Saturday night Casey, myself, His brother Cory and wife Laurel went to dinner at a pretty good mexican restaurant and then went to see the movie Hancock. It was ..... interesting. i Really wanted to like that movie. it was really funny in the begining. about half way through, I kinda stopped loving it.:( Will Smith of course was awesome but I wish i could say the same for the second half of the storyline. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday was the usual. Singles Ward with the boyfriend. Family Dinner at his house with his family. Play with the amazing neices and nephews. and then back to my house. This sunday casey came back to my house with me and his friends Justin and Sean came over and we ate some of my guacamole and watched Cloverfield. I fell asleep at the end (as usual). And then casey woke me up to say goodnight.

<3 So this has been a pretty long blog. I still have a lot to figure out about Blogging in general.

See ya next time! :)