Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots of Updates!

It's been a while since my last of course, a lot's been going on.

I turned 2TWENTY0!

For my birthday/memorial day weekend Casey and i took a much needed road trip to San Francisco to see my daddy. we had a coupon so we rented a little convertable for a great deal. It made the drive a lot easier than if we were in my old clunker or in Casey's giant (but way cool) truck. It was SO nice to see my daddy, I really miss seeing him all the time :( . We road a trolley car and walked the warf and braved some intense winds. Casey took his first train ride ever. We had tons of fun.

A few days after coming home, casey and i went to Disneyland (you get in free on ur bday this year so, the Disney freak i am had to take advantage of that offer!). It was a blast!

OH YAH! and we also got rid of my old clunker and got me a NEW CAR! It was way overdue. My car was at 199,950 miles. The new car is an '09 VW Jetta California Edition.

For the Fourth of July, Casey and I went on a trip to Lake Mead with his family and some other people. It was so much fun. On the way up there we drove through this huge storm with hail and crazy rain and lighning really close to us and stuff. it was awesome! We got a few good days on the lake, and a day in Vegas (we walked Mandalay Bay and saw the Shark Reef Aquarium) before the end of our long weekend. I went wakeboarding for the first time actually knowing what i was doing. Too bad for casey though, he went up with a hurt back and it didnt start feeling better til the last day of the trip. But we still had a blast. I love lake mead and cannot wait to go back!

On the lake:

My first A & W:

The Shark Reef Aquarium @ Mandalay Bay:

Even though ive been working a lot this summer, i am having so much fun. I love sunshine! I went to Scooter's Jungle for the first time I think its pretty much like the best place in the world! :)
I'm really happy and really blessed. Casey is an amazing husband and i love knowing that i have him to come home to and him to be with me forever! I am so excited for friends of mine that are engaged who get to soon experience the amazing blessings of marriage as i have been these past (almost) four months!
Random other news:
Madison has been quite the world traveler this summer. She's been to Italy, Paris, London and Hawaii so far. She just got home late last night and i get to see her today! (Madison and ally at the Eifel Tower!)

Whitney is currently in town doing some work for one of my mom's friends. This weekend is the first time all the siblings have been together since the wedding! (Whitney and me at my bridal shower)

Today we are celebrating my Grandmother's 79th Birthday with the whole family plus (i think) Garrett's girlfriend, Julie.
Now some random pictures from Easter, My uncles birthday and some other things.I finally got a way to hook up my camera to the computer!

Pictures from the honeymoon!

Look, I can cook!

Easter - being goofy:

Uncle Alan's Birthday: