Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Already?

I cannot believe it is August! This month marks two years of me and Casey dating. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.

So Cliche...but true....moving on :)
Since my last post, nothing too much has gone on.

Recently at Sunshine, I got to go to Disneyland (aka best plaand this awesome place in Ventura called Golf N Stuff... its like Mountasia but I like it better. (i won a jackpot on a game was awesome!) [picture of "A Day on the Ranch"]

I just got assigned my grade for next year (last year i was with the 2nd graders and this summer i was with the same group...but now they're 3rd graders) and this time I'm with the 1st graders. I'm so excited. also my friend Chrissy (or Tink when we're at work) will be working with me but she's with Kindergarten. Summer camp ends tomorrow with one last field trip to Scooters Jungle and then next week I'm off to first grade! :)

Casey and i have both decided to go back to school this semester... its gunna be a busy semester but I'm excited to go back. I registered for my classes yesterday... I'm taking two. one between shifts on Mondays and Weds and one after work on Thursdays. Casey registered today and he also is talking two classes. One of them is the same time as my Thursday night class so we'll be at school together those nights. I'm excited for that. The other class that he's taking will give me some time to study and do homework and stuff....and improve on my cooking skills.

Speaking of Cooking Skills, I've noticed that since we got married..Casey has REALLY helped me become confident in the kitchen. It's really fun (when i can) to have dinner all set up and ready on the table when he comes home... and he is all surprised because when we first got married... i couldn't even thaw the chicken without his help. At first there was a few me over seasoning (too much lemon...there's no WAY to get around that...) but he never made me feel stupid for it. But the look on his face after his first bitter bite really taught me a lesson. :)

Other News:
Congrats to all my friends/family members who are engaged...
My cousin Shanell and my friends Danica and Rob. I'm so excited for you guys! and there are SO many others. YAY
Whitney (aka big sis) is currently in Italy right now... another Myler turns world traveler... I'm so excited for her... and super jealous! :)

OH and I haven't posted my new wedding pictures yet... well, ill end on that note... here they are...

::sigh:: im so lucky <3

until next time...