Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas has come and gone :(

First things first...The Pre-Christmas Adventure:

So Casey sold his truck a week or so ago...and since then he's been on the hunt for a new car... Sunday morning, he found it.

So right after church, we had to leave as soon as possible to grab it before it was gone.. unfortunately, it was a race against time, the car was in San Jose and we were told another guy was on his way from Sacramento to look at the same car... so we jumped on the road and drove for like 5 hours... and when we got there, we didn't see the car... so we walked into the dealer and i asked, "Did you guys sell the black CTSV?" and one of the many sales men said "yeah.. you just missed it". As i turned to walk out, another sales man said... "Don't let him give you a hard time, we moved it to the back so no one would take it before you got here."

(By this time it was 4:45PM) We did not leave until about 8pm and we still had a four and a half hour drive ahead of us and we heard there was a storm coming. Casey felt it best that we did not drive in the dark and that we sleep over at my dads house (just an hr away from where we were). As we drove off of the lot, it started to rain and we were starving so we got dinner and by the time we were done with THAT it was pretty late and it was raining.

so Casey programmed my dad's address into his little GPS thing in the car and we were off. I was following Casey, and my dad was following me. We passed the freeway on-ramp. and for about 10 minutes drove and made some weird turns onto random residential streets, hit dead ends, did U-turns. Finally, Casey pulls over in some Business area. He says he doesn't know what the GPS is doing but now we are lost. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out where we are and how to get back, i remember passing a University so i Googled the University on my phone and then Map-quested directions from the University to my dad's house. It took a little bit to re-find the University, but once we were there, i knew we would be fine. It was still rainy and the directions were in small font on my phone, and i couldn't really see the street signs ahead of me, so i was driving really slow with my dad and husband following me. Once we got on the freeway my dad's house was on, he took the lead. We didn't get home until like 1am. We left about 7:30 am the next morning. I was an hour late to work but all was well. Casey got his early Christmas gift to himself and we were home safe... granted, VERY tired, but home safe!

NOW! The Christmas Overview:

On Christmas Eve i was scheduled to work at the salon from 2:30 to 8pm. For some reason i thought my shift started at 1 so i rushed out the door and got stuck in traffic. I called to say that i was going to be like 5 min late, and the girl at the desk was like, "What are you talking about... you don't start til 2:30!" So lucky me, i got to squeeze in some last minute Christmas shopping. I ran to Wal Mart (on Christmas eve... yeah I'm crazy) and then to some other random stores and was finally DONE with my shopping! I was even EARLY to my shift. The last client left at about 4pm and then i was alone. My husband came to sit with me from 5-8. I wasn't mad about staying because based on last years sales, it would be worth it. Unfortunately, only 3 people came in from the time the last client left. I sold some products and a gift card and it was worth it, but not what was expected. I got to my mom's house just in time for the Christmas Dinner to begin.

(at moms house)
After dinner, and gift opening, we played Catch Phrase and hung out with my mom's boyfriends kids. Casey and i left at about 11pm and we STILL had some presents to wrap and stuff to do before the morning.

So i finished getting everything done a little after midnight.

The next morning, Casey and i were up at about 7am to do our own little Christmas. It was fun having our first married Christmas! We opened gifts, cleaned up and got ready for My Dad's Christmas. This year, we were hosting Christmas with my dad and siblings. Everyone got to our house around 9am. We opened gifts and made breakfast together (dad bought us a griddle... so we made pancakes on it! YUM). At about 11:45 we headed over to Casey's Family Christmas.

There we ate a Christmas Lunch and watched the kids go crazy (SO MUCH FUN) and enjoyed each other's company.

I am so lucky to have so many people i love around me. The movie Four Christmases was loud and annoying but my Three Christmases was fun, still loud, but full of Christ's love. I am so blessed to have a loving husband to enjoy this Christmas with.

Last night was Mav's 2nd Birthday. So we all met at Cody and Lauren's house for pizza and presents. Mav and all the other kids were so excited and Lauren made such a beautiful cake for Mav!

Pictures to come!

(Sunshine Christmas Party)

New years & Big Bear trip

I cannot believe its almost 2010 and we still don't have flying cars :(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Really In the Christmas Mood

So yesterday was a very busy/successful day.

To sum it up quickly:
-Got a Christmas Tree
-Sold Casey's Truck [Yah its gone :( ]
-Went Christmas Shopping
-Got ready for the Sunshine Christmas Party
-Went to the Sunshine Christmas Party
-Decorated the house for Christmas

So needless to say, im REALLY in the Christmas Mood... this year im really excited because it's our first Christmas married...

So i know i will have more to post soon (ex: Pics of the tree, house, and whatever new car casey decides to get along with more stories on the recent happenings of the Youngest Evans Crew)... but i really wanted to post to share this song that ALWAYS makes me cry and always makes me really in the "Christmas mood".

Also to urge you to get the CD/Book The Forgotten Carols (any LDS or maybe even Christian bookstore should have it) Its AMAZING! ill post more later...