Monday, February 8, 2010

buisness as usual :)

It has been a while since my last post - i feel bad for not blogging so here is me making up for lost time.

Lets just do some quick updates

Casey and i rang our first new years as a married couple. We went to his parents house for a small get together. By midnght the only one's remaining were myself, casey and his mom. The three of us had a Martinelli toast and had a pretty good time.
Shorly after casey and i headed to big bear for a short getaway. We stayed at a cute resort right in the village and did a day on the slopes and a day of our favorite restaraunts. (Captains Anchorage, Peppercorn and Teddy Bear's)
[me and casey in big bear]

A suprise came when someone hit casey's new car while he was getting his hair cut. Who hits a parked car!? anyways, its back from the shop and is as good as new.

I've gone back to school for my 3rd semester but because of all the budget cuts im only taking one class this semester.

Casey and I both got really sick around Valentine's day so we had a quiet Valentine's Day together.

Our one year anniversary is coming up. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by!

I no longer work at the salon. But i still work at Sunshine and everythings the same.

I've been reading a lot of books lately. Since the new year, ive read:
The Time Traveller's Wife (not a simple read but totally worth it)

Lovely Bones (difficult read but really good)

Dear John -Nicholas Sparks (easy and sweet and loved it!)

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks (MY FAVORITE so far. Not a hard read. but amazing)

LA Candy-Lauren Conrad (easy and fun)

Sweet Little Lies - Laruen Conrad (easy and fun)
A Child Called "It" -had to read for school. Easy to read, emotionally difficult.

I'm not ready to stop reading yet. I LOVED all the books i read and cannot wait to read more! i would recommend all of them. i want to read more books that are also movies. im loving reading and then watching and comparing.

There are a lot of fun goings on coming up:


My birthday


So look forward to those more interesting blogs. :)

see you then