Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone. This was the first year i actually used Spring Break as a break time for myself. I had time to meet up with some friends and some time to hang out with casey's family.

Between my hectic work schedule, i was able to have some fun too.

On Thursday, after work, i went out with Tiffany. We went to Hollywood, walked around, enjoyed the sights, went to a Wax Museum i cannot spell or pronounce (the big famous one... Madam T...) ate dinner at hooters and headed home. So much fun with such a great friend!

Friday night casey and i saw The Last Song (not amazing, but more acurate than most movies based on books - as usual, the book is MUCH better)

Saturday morning, Casey and myself met up with his parents and we went to "A Place to Shoot" and shot off some handguns. it was SO much fun! I shot a 44 Magnum, 9 mm glock, 45 mm glock and a 40. I cannot wait to get my own gun this year for my birthday gift!

Not too long now til my birthday trip to vegas! so much to look forward to!

until next time :)