Sunday, December 26, 2010

too much to catch up on!

So, i have been meaning to catch up on my blog for a few months now but every time i approach the task, i give up. well here i am going to sum up the recent activities...

last time i blogged i was looking forward to Casey's birthday, Garrett and Julie's Wedding and Halloween... i had no idea that by the time i got on my blog it would be after Thanksgiving and Christmas as well.
Here are some updates and pictures from the past few months:

Casey's Birthday:

This year i was so excited for Casey's birthday.. he turned the big Two-Five! My husband is officially a quarter of a century old! We had a small birthday celebration with Casey's family, went to Disneyland for a rainy day, and went to Vegas where we ate at our favorite restaurant and went to the Hoover Dam.

Garrett and Julie's Wedding was beautiful. I loved being in the temple with my husband and seeing my family. But that was also the night before my first time teaching a lesson in Relief Society. (did i mention i got a new calling since the last time i blogged?) So i was also a bit stressed... and it was a really humid day so all of our hair fell...but it was still fun and beautiful. :) I loved being a bridesmaid!

Halloween was fun this year. I have a hard time getting into it now that i am a bit older and cannot really go trick or treating but it was fun at work getting dressed up as a Dork and doing Sunshine's Fall Festival. I had forgotten how much fun dressing up could be. My favorite part of Halloween is still getting and carving pumpkins. Casey and i went to the "famous" Lombardi's Ranch to get our pumpkins and go down Scarecrow Alley!

Well, this blog is getting a bit too long so ill catch up on Thanksgiving and Christmas next time.. hopefully sooner than later. Happy Holidays Y'all!