Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Time

This last Saturday, i hosted a Pampered Chef party.

I had never been to a Pampered Chef party but had heard great things about the products. I'm so glad i ended up doing it because it was SO much fun and i really like the stuff. We made some super yummy treats. I'm mkaing up my order of stuff that i want right now... im so excited to become a better little cook for Casey. :)

Weight Watcher's Update: First weigh in went GREAT. i did not expect to get results right away.. but i did. With the pampered Chef party, i lost track of my points for a few days lol... but today is Monday and im starting the work week right on track. Hopefully, ill have the same amazing results this week as i did last week. I'm so excited to transform myself into a happy healthy (hopefully skinny) woman for 2011.

More exciting news, Feb 1st is the Official Ribbon Cutting for Casey and his brothers' new Real Estate Office. So exciting!

Until Next Time! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited for 2011... you have no ideas... i have big plans for this year and i have already gotten a start on it....

So far I'm working on two things: Getting my real estate license and getting in shape. I already joined Weight Watchers and... to my surprise... i LOVE it.

I know i don't have any serious weight issues but i really want to feel like I'm taking care of myself and for the first time, i do. I love their new program (apparently they've changed it) and I'm really happy! i cannot wait to see how this year turns out!

oh and I'm going to become a brunette.... bye bye blonde!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

...and I'm sad because i waited so long to post about Christmas and Thanksgiving....
it was a beautiful Holiday Season! Christmas was amazing this year... the big wins for Casey: tools, cologne, clothes, Back to the Future BluRay Collection and Gun from his dad. Me: (Casey totally spoiled me) Laptop, ipod, steam vac, clothes and some other goodies.

Here are some pictures to sum it up.

We started this year with a lovely snow day. it was super fun but not expected at all. Got some pictures of it but i was NOT prepared to be in the snow and i got soaked by an impromptu snowball fight with the in-laws.

I hope everyone had a fun Holiday season! We sure did! :)