Thursday, March 12, 2009

rough week

these past few days have been pretty crazy.

Monday i went to the doctors (finally) to take care of some last minute stuff and got some bloog work and long story short... passed out with the needle in my arm... it was pretty traumatic and my body didnt react well to that and it took me the rest of the day to recover...

Tuesday i worked at Della Stella and then came home and went to the LA temple with my mom to get some last minute supplies for the wedding... and while i was there i felt a little sick to my stomach... i thought it was probably the egg salad i ate not sitting right with me.... and then as i walked out of the room i was in... it all came up... it ended up being a version of the flu and i recovered early this morning.

Today i went to Della Stella and got my jewelery FINALLY.

Tomorrow and Saturday are my last working days til the wedding.... im SO excited.

I have my dress fitting sometime next dress is currently in utah... it came out of customs yesterday!



Saturday, March 7, 2009


So a lot has happened since the last post.

I have THREE jobs now...

1.Buckle as a "Denim Specialist" (Shameless Plug: Come see me and ill help u find a great fitting pair of jeans!!! :))
2. Della Stella Salon and Spa as a receptionist...ive been begging for a job there since they opened!
3. Sunshine...ive wanted a job here since i got layed off! i start this job right after the wedding.

things are coming together for the wedding thanks to the dedicated work of some amazing people.... mainly the Evans family that has been totally helping me out. I talked to the people at Cruz's Bridal about my dress... it is on track to arive between March 11th and March 18th. I have my interview with the stake president for my reccomend on sunday. im so excited! im also SO excited to see my dad.

ALSO the Evans family is one person bigger thanks to Lauren and Cody... Lauren gave birth this tuesday to Jaxon James Evans. hes adorable. I already love him so much.

i cant wait to marry the man of my dreams in two short weeks. YAY!!!!