Monday, March 21, 2011

2 years already!

Today marks two years of amazing marital bliss!

Two years ago today my best friend made me the luckiest girl in the world by making me his wife. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. It feels like just yesterday i was coming home from our first date telling my family how he could be "the one".

When they asked me Why, the only thing i could think of off the top of my head was "We like the same jelly beans!". But there were many more reasons i had even just at that point. He treated me like a lady; and still does. He genuinely cares about what I want/need; and still does. He's a hard worker. He's appreciative. He's down to earth. He's honest. Not to mention how insanely attractive he was; and still is! And all that (and more) i got from the first date.

I had this feeling i couldn't explain our entire first date, and i still have that feeling every time he looks at me. I am so lucky to be his wife. So lucky to have such an amazing guy. I could go on and on. I just am on clouds today thinking about what happened two years ago. From getting ready, meeting up with him at the temple, sitting with him quietly inside the temple before the wedding, and kissing him as his wife for the first time. All i can think of is how very blessed i am!

I'm A Brunette!

so a little over two weeks ago i took the plunge and died my hair brown. I was terrified at first but the second she started putting the color on i was totally relaxed. She had to Double Process my hair; which basically means she did it twice. The first time she did it it was a dirty pond color. A light brown with a tinge of green. She did that color just to soak up all the blonde and the second color would be the REAL color. I LOVE IT! I dont have that many pictures of me with brown hair yet. But i'm keeping it for a while so you will she plenty of brunette pictures in the future.

I'm not sure what i like better. Blonde or brunette?

Oh, and Casey likes it too. (Phew!)
Weight Watchers Update: I am down 11 lbs since starting the program. Only about 6 more lbs until i reach goal! YAY

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mario March!

Happy March!

I love this month. This is the month that the weather usually starts to be perfect. Hopefully that means that we will stop this freaky cold weather and even out somewhere around 65. This is the month that, two years ago, i married the man of my dreams! This is the month of my FAVORITE big sister's birth. So many reasons for me to LOVE this month. :) Here are some updates on what's been going on lately.

I am four chapters in on my Real Estate Course! Yippeee Skippy! i was hoping to be further along by now but that's alright, I'm still moving pretty quick, especially since it's independent study. I am really loving what I'm learning. I have gotten A's on all 3 of my quizzes so far. But that's just personal progress because the school recently notified me that the scores on the quizzes don't really count... they just help me personally gauge where I'm at with what I'm learning. I'm not sure how i feel about that....

Weight Watchers Update: I LOVE IT! I've already lost over 5% of my starting body weight. and I'm still moving quickly.

I am dying my hair TOMORROW morning so I'm terrified about that. I'm sure I'll blog about it with pictures :)

Casey sold his Cadillac CTSV last night. He has decided he wants to put energy, money and attention into his '66 Chevelle which i TOTALLY support. This might sound weird but i LOVE the sound and smell of classic cars. He got it started for the first time in over a year or so on Tuesday night and at first i thought we were having an earthquake! I'm so excited to get it moving! Here is a pic of Casey working on it a week or so ago. It is now on its tires and off the stands. Please excuse the messy garage... it is much cleaner when Casey isn't working on his car. :)

Now time to explain my title of this post... for this month, the theme in my classroom at work is Mario... and i LOVE it! it makes me feel like a kid again and i REALLY want to find my old Original Nintendo and play Super Mario Bros 3! Here are some pics of how I decorated my room this month:

I am currently loving American Idol. The only other time i have ever watched the show was the first season to watch Kelly Clarckson win and then every now and again only to watch the auditions of people who canNOT sing. (william hung?) This year, however, i have watched from the first audition and even voted last night. There are a number of people i really want to win! a few of the top of my head: Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, and Scotty McCreery. Check them out! They are SO good. anyways...there's my TV Dish :)

Until next time :)