Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dilly Dally

Hey everyone! hope everyone is doing well. It's been pretty slow since i have been unemployed. I got sick on Tuesday but it was like a 24 hr thing. I was fine the next day. I had to play it safe on Weds. Thursday, Casey was scheduled to get his wisdom teeth out but plans changed. So he and i were able to enjoy the weekend. Yesterday Casey got his wisdom teeth out and everything went pretty well. He was in a lot of pain afterward and wasn't able to really communicate until later that night. This morning, he seems fine except for the pain and not being able to eat what he wants.

We leave Friday for Lake Mead. I'm super excited about that. When i get i have a lot of fun things planned. Weds I'm seeing Wicked (again) with my family for my brother's birthday. Thursday is the book club (it was previously scheduled to be on Weds Oct 1st but has since been moved to Thursday October 2nd) Everyone is invited. Even if you haven't read the book for this month, Charms For The Easy Life By: Kaye Gibbons. There will be food and you can be apart of picking the NEXT book. I think that's pretty much it on the updates side. Cross your fingers i find a good job soon. Life's too boring around the house.

See ya next time :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i prefer the word "vacation"

So today is my first day of being unemployed. I got laid off yesterday. I found out on Friday. My weekend wasn't the best weekend after finding that out, but I'm glad i was given a little warning. Yesterday was a weird day at work. I cleaned out my desk and emailed all my personal files to myself. Leaving work was surreal to think that I'm not going back. but sleeping in today was nice. i just woke up and its pretty nice. I mean... id love to be making money right now... but ill take sleeping in :)

yesterday was my older brother's birthday. we had fun. Sunday we had family dinner with my dad (vegetarian style just for him) and then yesterday we went to Thai Pepper (SO GOOD).

I love the feeling of falling with style.

Now that i have weekdays to do stuff for myself, i want to make sure i go to Universal one day, Disneyland another day, The zoo, Alvera street, anywhere. And i found out that i have credit with United Airlines. Super cool! but i do need to find a job so if anyone has any ideas... I'm interested... and I'm also open to being a nanny/babysitter for people. i used to be a nanny and i loved it and I'm open to doing that again. anyways. i don't have too much to say. its weird. People, let me know whats going on. i have to get myself into a routine.this is going to be interesting

oh and my books are supposed to come in the mail today. I got Twilight (hooray) and Charms for the Easy life for my Book Club (Oct 1st, my house). If you wanna come lemme know :)

See ya next time :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Later....

Today is 9/11.

This time, seven years ago, i was on the bus in awe as we listened to the news radio instead of our usual music radio. Some in tears, others mad, others scared. We were all thinking the same thoughts... how? why? we couldn't even imagine. I remember my mom yelling at me from her room telling me to come see her. I had just gotten out of the shower. My La mesa uniform on, hair wet, i walked in, annoyed because i wanted to finish getting ready. But my mood changed as i looked at her shocked face and turned to the TV, just in time to see the towers fall. They replayed the video of the planes hitting the famous buildings. I remember my mom explaining the situation to me and trying my hardest to comprehend what was happening. I remember getting to school and hugging my friends who were balling, in fear for their parents lives. One of my friends had a parent who lived/worked in New York City and some other of my friends were scared for their parents who worked in high rise buildings in Los Angeles. I remember being scared. My naive little self had no idea what was going on in the world. Had no idea what terrorists were. Had no idea that people would want to do such harm to other innocent people. Then other terror stories started to unfold during the day. The pentagon, The twin towers and the other plane that crashed in Virginia that was thought to be on its way to the White house (i think... doing this from memory. bear with me) It was an attack. Never in my life had i felt like this. The vision of the twin towers with people in it and people in the weapon of choice, the whole thing stunned me. I couldn't get it out of my head.

Seven years later... I'm still in shock as i watch the footage from that unforgettable day. In high school, i watched a documentary that was being filmed about fire fighters on September 11th when they got the call. The documentary caught actual footage of the events of that day. It gave me a perspective of what actually happened in those buildings that day. The bravery of those who so unselfishly entered those buildings to save other people's lives will never be forgotten.

This morning, i watched part of the ceremonies being held all over the country. Still unbelievable. I hope everyone stops for a moment to thank the Lord for the many blessings we enjoy. Today is a day for reflection of what happened on September 11th, 2001, remembrance of those lost and celebration of the ones we hold most dear.
God Bless America!
See Ya Next Time :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I need Your Help

Hey everyone. As you probably know, on April 20th, 2008, i was crowned Miss Stevenson Ranch. With that title i also won a scholarship. i have to raise the money for my scholarship on my own. Besides the kind donations i can get from online donations, [www.missscvpageants.com]
I am going to be selling 2009 'Miss SCV Royalty' Calendars. This would be a huge deal as far as my scholarship is concerned. I need to sell at least 100 Calendars by Dec. 15th. I have progress deadlines along the way that i need to meet so the sooner i get some sold the better. They are $20 each and I will be IN the calendar. I haven't done the shoot yet but i am planned to be on the November page with my Teen Miss Stevenson Ranch, Amanda. If i sell all 100 first... i receive a bonus in my scholarship! The calendars are color, glossy pages with high resolution photographs and I've worked with this photographer before. he's great and his pictures always turn out really nice. Checks are payable to me. This is a fundraiser! i believe strongly in karma... so do something nice for YOURSELF and buy a calendar. :) tee hee hee.

[Miss Community Queens: (Left to right) Canyon Country, Val Verde, valencia, Newhall, Castaic, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch]

[PS. I've read the plans for the months and how they are going to be done... we are doing unique shoots for each month... its not just the pictures of me in my poofy dress and crown.. its going to be super cute and super nice and classy! I'm honestly excited a bout the calendar... not just because of the fundraising part]

Let me know if you are interested so i can put you down and because of my deadlines... the sooner i can get the check for your calendar... the better.

on a lighter note.
I finished Twilight already and it was SUCH a great book. I cannot wait for the movie to come out... though I'm skeptical if it could be nearly as good as the book was. I'm so excited to get the second book.. New Moon. Ive promised myself (for the sake of my eyes) to not buy the next book or st art the next book til the weekend because my sight is horrible and need to let them rest before i dig right back into another great book. If you haven't read it yet... you totally should! Anyways, i should probably get back to work.

Ps (again)... If you're reading my blog and you aren't on my list of people on the right... comment me so i know who you are and can ad your blog to my list of blogs to read or whatever... :) as much as i love writing my blog... id love to read yours :)
See ya next time :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Mornin... Feelin Good

It's so weird. I rarely am happy to be at work on a Monday... it’s usually the most dreaded part of a week. But today I feel great even though I didn’t sleep well last night, but ill get to that later in the post. As I mentioned in my last blog, this was a three day weekend for me. But today is business as usual; full five day work week. Which, again... makes me question my sanity on the fact that I'm happily sitting at my desk right now. So let’s dive in shall we?

Weekend Update:
Friday I had an eyebrow/hair appointment at Della Stella Salon & Spa. I love the way my hair turned out and my eyebrows look fab. While I was there, I offered to hang out with Heidi's (the owner of Della Stella and the person who dose my hair) daughter, Abby (8 yrs old). But I had to run an errand first. So I ran my errand, changed and picked up Abby. We hung around my house for a bit, watched some kiddy shows and then went to the mall where I was in way over my head. I told her that we could ride the teacups at the mall because that was like the only thing she wanted to do, so we did. Bad Choice. I got so sick feeling it was insane! That little girl sure can spin a teacup! Lol. Then we ran back to my house for a bit and hung out until her mom came and picked her up. I was supposed to go to closing night of the Jazz & Blues festival but I was feeling super sick at that point and took a nap. Later on, Casey came by and picked me up to put some food in my stomach. We went to Olive Garden. Long story short... we got a free meal thanks to an ancient server and endless excuses. Afterwards we drove by to say hi to my mom and congratulate her on 10 years of Jazz & Blues. Casey and I then went to Denny's and met up with his friends for a little bit, but I wasn’t feeling great still so we left and came back to my house to relax and watch Hook for a bit before he headed off.
Casey had to work Saturday so I was set in my mind that I wanted to do something superfun. I was down for Disneyland, Universal Studios, The LA Zoo, Alvera Street, the beach... anything. But my little sister and I couldn’t agree on anything so the two of us ran errands all day (which ended up being not so bad). First, we got bagels at Noah's and then ate up at my dad's house. After a good amount of lounging around, I decided I wanted to hit up the tanning salon and Madison decided she wanted her eyebrows waxed. So first we went to my tanning salon and I got my UV fix. Then we drove to Della Stella and Madison got her brows done. Then we decided to run some random errands around town, during which I made a great decision and bought TWILIGHT. Then we went home and relaxed. Casey called about 3:45 saying he was off work early (made my day) and I got ready for the night. He and I went to dinner and then decided we were in a cruising mood. We cruised around town for a bit in his truck and after a while, decided we wanted to relax for a bit and then call it a night. Between the time Casey left my house and the time Casey called me when he got home, I dove into reading TWILIGHT. and got pretty far into it.
Sunday was a great day too. It was fast and testimony meeting and Casey and I went to singles ward. It was great because the two of us (together) hadn't been there in a while. I love sitting in church with Casey. It’s a simple pleasure I thoroughly enjoy. I got a new calling as a member on the Enrichment Board ( I think that’s what its called) I’m in charge of the book club for relief society so ... cool. More reading in the future for me. I’m super excited about this calling and excited to work closely with the women in relief society. Hooray. After church we hung around Break the Fast for a while and headed over to Casey’s house to hang out with his family. Shortly after eating, Casey went upstairs with a bad headache and layed down for a while. While he was resting, I dove right back into reading TWILIGHT and pretty much couldn’t put it down all night. It's been so long since i've enjoyed a good book. Casey even said that he never saw me read and I’m glad he thought it was cool (yet slightly nerdy- but hey... that’s me in a nutshell. hah) we watched our weekly episode of Extreme Makeover Home edition which was such a great episode! They built a home for an Army family and it was so touching. I love this country! I left pretty late but made it home it what felt like no time at all. I got home and got cozy before calling Casey to say goodnight. After we talked on the phone for a few min, I felt my eyes getting heavy and we said goodnight. But after I layed there for a while, I couldn’t sleep so I picked up Twilight again and was up a few more hours. I didn’t go to sleet until like 1:30 and even then, I didn’t want to put the book down but I knew id hate myself in the morning when I was exhausted.

This morning I was pretty tired when I woke up and am amazed I made it to work in one piece but I sat at my desk and read more and then my boss came in and reminded me that last night was a special episode of The Hills and then the VMAs. I had no real desire to watch the VMAs but I did want to watch to see Britney Spears open the show and then see if she won anything. I saw pictures from the VMAs and omigosh... she looked So great... I felt like I was looking a picture from the 1990's when she was fresh and everything. I was kinda sad I missed The Hills [click to watch for your self] but I watched it here and it was a great episode. Best episode of the season I think. But I think this post has been long enough without me going into every detail of the episode... there’s another episode tonight so I’m excited. What I’m not excited for is my ortho appointment after work toady. Getting my braces tightened is never a great experience for me. It’s always the same three teeth that kill me and then nothing happens... they don’t move... nothing. oy. Also, tonight is an event I really want to go to but I don’t think ill be able to make it after my ortho appointment... I’m going to try though. We'll see.

But I think that’s all the excitement I have. This week is expected to be very uneventful. I'm kinda looking forward to that. We'll see. Thanks for sticking with me this far!
See ya next time! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vote McCain & Palin!

Happy Thursday everybody! Today is my Friday. I have tomorrow off and tomorrows a busy day. I'll fill you in during the weekend update on Monday.

The point of this Blog is to discuss something more than just my quiet little life, something much more important. On my way to work today, i couldn't find anything worth wile on FM radio and so i tuned into some AM radio... KFI. They were discussing the Republican Vice President nominee, Sarah Palin, and their opinion on her speech she gave last night. I was not fortunate enough to hear it live (however i was fortunate enough to go to Laurel and Amber's Shade/Bow Party which was great!)

So today at work, i decided i wanted to hear her speech.
I have to say, i am so excited to be a register voter! this is such an important year in America's history. It's no secret that am a proud member of the Republican Party. I love learning about politics and American History and watching history in the making. I once said that i am not ready for a woman (speaking of Hilary Clinton [ew] at the time) to be president. I now know that it was just Hilary I didn't care for... Sarah Palin is going to be a great Vice President. I had chills during her talk and approve of John S. McCain's choice of a running mate. I am going to post her speech... if you have an extra half hour hanging around, i encourage you to watch it. Hearing the bits and pieces from the radio this morning was nothing compared to the messages she gave in the entire thing. I am proud to be an American... and ready to do my duty in November and make the decision to vote for the people who will safely and rightfully guide us through the next four years of America's history. Everyone knows McCain has ton of experience (he himself jokes about how old he is) and Palin is more than qualified. Shes a mother of five (one in the Army who ships out this year on Sept, 11) and has the drive to do the right thing.. the thing the people need... and whats best for the country... not whats best for her career. i am super pumped right now and could go on and on and on about how stoked i am.

But don't take my word for it, watch the speech yourself. I would like to have been there.

Everyone have a great weekend!
See ya next time! :)

"I'm a republican because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to come rescue me" - Huckabee

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 is a lucky number

Hey everyone! Long post ahead of you so sit back, relax and read on!
I'm back at work after a great three day weekend. Three is a lucky number right now... just finished a three day weekend followed by a three day workweek and another three day weekend. Hip, Hip Hooray! This weekend was really nice. Weekend update:

[do you like my art? the special number three! lol]

Friday night I worked the Jazz & Blues festival as Miss Stevenson Ranch. It was fun to be with my queens and to be apart of the group. Then Casey came to pick me up. We were supposed to collect recyclables from the concert afterwards but plans changed and after a bit of stress... Casey and I went out to dinner instead of collecting garbage. I think we got the better deal. :) haha. Then we went to my house and watched TV for a bit.

Saturday I woke up and picked up my little sister (Casey had to work) and we went out to breakfast at Egg Plantation (SO GOOD!). Afterwards, we drove to the Topanga mall ... that was a fun adventure... I didn’t know if I should take the 118 fwy or the 101... my mom suggested the 101 so we took her advice and got caught in really bad traffic and then got off on the wrong Topanga exit... and there were no u turns so we went in a big circle til we were facing the right way and got to the Topanga Promenade... it took us about 15 min in the mall to realize we were in the wrong mall so we got back in my un-air-conditioned car and drove to the right mall. once we were in the mall we navigated our way (with much difficulty) to Pinkberry, H&M, Forever 21 and realized that we would have been better off at our mall... so we drove home but this time took the 118 home and it took us a fraction of the time to get home.

Once I got home from my Topanga mall adventure, we went shopping at our mall for my outfit for the night. After I found what I wanted, I went home and got ready... it was my friend Christina's birthday dinner... so we all went to The Melting Pot in Pasadena which was way cool! Everyone has to go there at least once. After dinner I went home to pick up Madison and then drove to Casey’s house. He got off work really late and was really tired. We hung out for a while before he went to sleep and I drove home.

[Chrissy and I at The Melting Pot! Happy 19th!]

Sunday was Ed and Justin's Farewell talks so Casey and I went to that at 9 am. Afterwards we went back to my house and I made some really yummy Fajita-style scrambled eggs for Madison, Casey and myself. Then we went off to the open house for about twenty minutes and then we had to drive to Casey's family ward for his nephew, Gage's, blessing. Gage is so cute! I just love all of Casey's nieces and nephews so much! Then we all went to Laurel and Cory's house for family dinner. Then Casey and I went back to his house so he could look at my car while the sun was still out. We came to the conclusion that yes, indeed I need to get my AC worked on and yes; indeed I need some new tired. Whoopee! Lol. Then we watched our show and I went home to get some sleep.

[Ed (left) and Justin (right) posing with Walt Disney's star. Two cool guys! RWH! ]

Monday was a day off for me, but Casey had to work. I woke up and got ready and went to Glen Ivy day spa for a "Me Day". I got a massage and a facial. It was so nice and I needed it so much. Then I went home and had some food. Made some cookies and dropped them off to Casey at work. After that, I went to the mall and bought some much needed new jeans and hit up VS and got an Angel's Credit Card. YAY! I went home and got ready and Casey and I went to Don Cuco's for some good food. Then we went back home to watch The Hills! (My guilty pleasure - click the link to watch the episode for yourself)

As much as I still love the show, I was kinda disappointed. The episode seemed really short and Lo and Audrina weren’t even in the episode. It was all about Whitney working in New York and going on a date with this guy, LC breaking it off with Doug. Stephanie gave a peace offering to her brother, Spencer. Spencer and Heidi went out to dinner and Heidi admitted she misses Steph. LC went to dinner with Brody (the two of them need to get married already, I love them together) and they flirted... and that’s about it really. The previews for next week really look good. There’s an episode on Sunday which I’m really looking forward to. So we'll see... old ladies have their soap operas... I got The Hills. :)

So tonight, I'm going to be an old lady and go home after work and relax... maybe go tanning. Weds I’m going to a SHADE party and Bow party at Laurels house. If anyone wants some cute modest clothing, u can go to this party and try on cute clothes and also see some cute bows that laurel makes and buy some for the special little girl in your life! Ask me for details if you want to go. I'll be there. 6:30 pm, tomorrow!
Friday I’m getting my hair done and running a few errands and I really want/need to go to Disneyland this weekend with Casey. We have these passes that expire soon and we really should use them.

I think that’s it... lots of fun this past weekend and it seems like lots more to come. Loving how life’s lookin right now

Hope everyone else had a fun labor day!

See ya next time! :)